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  1. Let me know man I also found out I broke out from fish oil in pills, and have not tried cod liver oil yet, but I wanted to soon
  2. The allergy tests are extremely unreliable. THe only one you should be doing is th one Sweetjade recommended the ALCAT test. Please do this one or nothing at all, because it indeed is very expensive.
  3. The title says it all What's the best natural source of probiotics, something I could make at home if possible? And if you have recipes, this would be great!! Thanks!
  4. Sweetjade - What kind of acne do you get if you eat bananas and pineapples, and let's say you ate those, how much time does it take after you eat them to eliminate the inflammation response? Another thing, do you recommend we try some of the things you are doing in "Stage 3 (Correction)? Thanks
  5. Haha that's great! you will see a difference very soon, I can assure you. And now, as summer is coming, green smoothies will be a delicious treat to drink outside!
  6. Very well said Sepsi and back to the reason I started this post I reccomend buying Clear Skin for Life It really did change my life and I learned alot from it.. and Im on my way to getting 100% clear skin now.. I will basically tell you what the cure is for acne folks... Improve your 6 elements of health.. Diet,fitnes, Sunshine, fresh air, sleep, positive emotions,food combining.. and getting rid of toxins in your body (detoxifcation but only naturally) not through a pill. if you have any qu
  7. So... that would allow lots of fresh fruits...? And is fat the culprit then?
  8. I also bought the ebook and found it very motivational. If you are not able to follow a regimen, there are lots of things that can help you. Diet is not the only thing you have to care about. But for diet, he recommends a diet very high in fruits and vegetables. I know lots of people on these forums would disagree. For example, he recommends eating only fruits and veggies for breakfast and lunch. He claims, just as Dr Graham, that sugar in fruits is not the problem, it is the fats (even good one
  9. Don't worry you're gonna win Diet is not the only thing you have to fix It may sound hippie, but you have to be happy, go out, have fun, laugh, do sports, sleep well and simply forget about acne. Don't come on this forum for 1 month and don't look at your pimples in the mirror. Keep your diet full of vegetables, and do not eat too much in general. Continue to stay away from sugars like you do. I wouldnt take omega 3 pills, just eat fish 2-3 times a week if you can Come back in 1 month and tel
  10. Me too I got it around that age and it almost lasted 2 weeks. In bed almost all the time lol