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  1. @guitarman01 @TrueJustice @tanedout I think that you will find this interesting : How Liver and Gut issues and Vitamin K are related : https://www.s4me.info/threads/the-microbiome-hypothesis-lipkins-collaborative-part-1-simon-mcgrath-blog.5029/#post-94110
  2. Hey Guys, Sorry for not being around too much, i wanted to post here a quick update. I will be presenting my work in London this coming September to a team of Researchers. I will try to convince them to focus their attention to the Liver. As a summary of what i've been finding over the past 3 months. -I confirm the importance of Gut. Even though i was not looking too much at this, Gut *is* very important. -Given the latest findings of Lipkin et. al, we see Phospholipid metabolism alte
  3. @guitarman01 @Dubya_B @TrueJustice @hatetane I believe i know the full mechanism of what is going on. So i am asking you who i tagged or anyone else reading this : If i am ready to suggest a way to get people out of this mess and to have it evaluate it by Medical professionals : 1) What do i do 2) Where do i speak about this FWIW, My belief is that no one will listen and really look at this. Looking forward to your thoughts / suggestions. PS : Lion's Mane may be a 5AR Inhibitor. No
  4. @guitarman01 This chart paints the picture quite well i believe :
  5. @hatetane Thank you, much appreciated. Regarding David Healy : We spoke through E-Mails many times and i cannot say anything but nice words about him. I also wanted to give you all a short update. I have very positive feedback from 3 Professors of Medicine, mentioning this work as "very interesting". I do not believe that at this point it is necessary to say who these Professors are. But the fact that not one of them suggested that whatever i write on a 33-page document is nonsense but
  6. I am homozygous. The software i use , i created it using Python and what it does is that it summarizes SNPs found in many 23andme DNA files. Here are the results (all numbers are percentages) : {'snp': 'rs9934438', 'homozygous': 18.97, 'heterozygous': 46.55, 'not_in_chip': 0.0, 'no_mutation': 34.48} Given that the MAF of this SNP is 35.58% we wish to know if these results are statistically significant. I will get back to you for this. An example of a "good catch" regarding Vitamin K are
  7. @guitarman01 This is a copy/paste from my Cohort for these two Genes : {'snp': 'rs7412', 'homozygous': 0.0, 'heterozygous': 12.07, 'not_in_chip': 0.0, 'no_mutation': 87.93} {'snp': 'rs429358', 'homozygous': 3.45, 'heterozygous': 24.14, 'not_in_chip': 3.45, 'no_mutation': 68.97} APOE has been mentioned here : http://forums.phoenixrising.me/index.php?threads/unfolded-protein-response-and-a-possible-treatment-for-cfs.37244/page-80#post-710648
  8. @TrueJustice I believe that the fact that you feel better during Alcohol consumption is because Alcohol induces P450 (tells your Liver to work faster). However in the long run -as you know- Alcohol creates problems. It is possible that you will feel even better by consuming Gin . This is so because we have a synergistic effect of Alcohol and Pronthyacinidins from Juniper Berries used to make the distinctive taste of Gin (Hypothesis). Note that i am not suggesting that you or anyone else sho
  9. @guitarman01 According to the hypothesis, Vitamin K is very important. However there are many more pathways that need to be looked at. What we are dealing with is a vicious cycle of Inflammation, Oxidative Stress, Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress and impaired Phagocytosis (list not inclusive). FWIW : We are very close in a full Recovery of a Woman in her 40s having ME/CFS for 25 years along with severe Neurological Issues. Her DNA Data have been forwarded to a well-known ME/CFS Researcher for ev
  10. @guitarman01 Sorry for not being around too much, have your flu passed or you continually have low-grade fever?
  11. @guitarman01 @tanedout @TrueJustice New Fibroscan of ME/CFS Patient with moderate to severe Fibrosis (f2 to f3). Please check your Liver with a Fibroscan test.
  12. GOOD :-) This is the first step towards Recovery @guitarman01 !! Question : Where you getting sick every year after you got Post-Accutane? Why do other people get sick every single year? This is the natural thing to happen, it is not natural to never get the flu. Recall that many ME/CFS Patients (i would also expect many Accutane Users) stop getting the flu after they got sick. This has nothing to do with an "over active immune system". This is because N-Linked Glycosylation is work
  13. I had the bloating side effect and also i was feeling less hungry. How much are you taking? Also, have i looked at your DNA Data?
  14. Which of course can be prevented / reversed with K2 : https://www.nutraceuticalbusinessreview.com/technical/article_page/Vitamin_K2_MK7_prevention_and_treatment_of_arterial_calcification/123944
  15. @guitarman01 I have no doubt that the Gut may be heavily involved. But we cannot underestimate the importance of having a Liver in good working order. For example, if N-Linked Gluycosylation has been affected, Gut Lining is affected as the body cannot produce it in significant amounts, This leads to Gut permeability and as a result toxin load through the Gut. We need to block as many "holes" in the system as possible. Having a Fibroscan and assessing any damage is a very important step to a
  16. Great find there, thanks Guitarman. If i recall correct, you will not be taking a Fibroscan test. Have you started taking K2-MK7? How do you feel? @tanedout @guitarman01 Just to give you a short update. I am now part of a small Research team where we are looking at ME/CFS primarily under the supervision of someone who knows about Genetics and Biological Pathways. I try to convince them to look at the Liver of ME/CFS patients using Fibroscan or Liver Biopsy. I was told that "the Liver has
  17. @guitarman01 Well spotted on the test of Total Bile Acids, Thanks
  18. @guitarman01 @tanedout New case from Finasteride, just in. Told him to perform several tests, including Total Bile Acids. The results are as follows : TBAs are 3.5 times more than normal. Yet one more with Cholestasis which leads to Liver Injury.
  19. @guitarman01 I do not disagree with the importance of K2 toi all of this. But i believe that it is part of the puzzle and not the cause hence the people here that say that they wait seeing results. To see results, several pathways need to be supported.
  20. The one i've been using comes from Natto by Healthy Origins. I also used Solgar. No difference. I take 100% RDA of Zinc, not more than that. This along with other food sources gives me more than enough of it (and maybe too much). My regimen is the following (however note that this is based on my SNPs) : -K2 as MK-7 -Epsom Salts - up to 500 mg -L-Carnitine (up to 500 mg not more) -Omega3 (induces PPARγ) -Benfotiamine -N-Acetylgucosamine (NAG) -Biotin -Jiaogulan (for LXR Induction)
  21. @TrueJustice I could definitely feel something in my Liver area a kind of a dull pain. 600 mcg is the smallest amount of K2 that stops this from happening at least for me that is. I was also wondering : Do you (or any one else) has problems with delayed wound healing and slow blood coagulation? This question is mainly aimed to people having this condition for many years (e.g more than 5)
  22. The regimen is the one that this Guy uses. Why Vitamin K is important is discussed here, noting also that PPAR (=ppargamma) node exists in the Network Analysis graph : http://algogenomics.blogspot.com/2017/05/machine-learning-nlp-and-network.html I take 600 mcg per day of K2, at one point i was getting as high as 900 mcg per day. The regimen is not about getting a Vitamin B complex. For example, Niacin may not be good for you. What we are trying to do is to give the Liver the chance to r
  23. @tanedout @guitarman01 @tryingtohelp2014 It appears that we have an emerging role of Omega-3 Oils to our condition. There are several reasons for this (one of them being induction of Peroxisome Proliferators-PPARs by EPA/DHA ) https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15698426 Regarding the person that got asymptomatic from ME/CFS : -He did not take accutane -He removed his gallbladder prior to ME/CFS -He had Liver issues (got Viral Hepatitis) prior to ME/CFS -He is symptom free without any
  24. @tryingtohelp2014 Please see below the latest network graph that was created : Notice NAD as being central to the network but we also see several other Topics that may be relevant such as Tocotrienol (i am not suggesting that you should supplement with it) but also glycosykltransferases and Glycosylation in General. Hopefully this may help in your Research. See also the original post here : http://forums.phoenixrising.me/index.php?threads/machine-learning-assisted-research-on-cfs.
  25. @tryingtohelp2014 Thanks for the links regarding Thiamine. A lot of ME/CFS Sufferers feel better with it and there are several reasons for this. See here for more : http://forums.phoenixrising.me/index.php?threads/lxr-liver-x-receptor-inhibition-as-a-root-cause-of-me-cfs.54552/page-2#post-910551 The thing is that we have to support several pathways that are responsible for ER Stress, Phagocytosis, Bile Acids, etc Another important thi