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  1. glad someone is looking at this post. I just have that feeling I might be judged, though my field depends, might not be as important. I'm a graphic technician, and that means I might have to deal with clients, other positions are just internal. No, it's not like I'm applying to retail.
  2. I wonder does anyone experience difficulty with either getting a job or moving up within a job, because of their acne issues. I just get the feeling interviewees judge people according to their looks. Depending on most jobs, people have to deal with clients, and I read some people believe presentation outlook is just that important.
  3. bran88, you're right about everybody else having roughly the same problem. I'm just trying to find out if there's anybody out there around my age still struggling with similar acne issue as me. Of all the traits to inherit from my dad. guess I'll have to wait it out like everybody
  4. I just want to have an idea how bad is it for some of the folks on this forum. I'm quite depress that it's not going away anytime soon, even at my age. I'm not sure if race has different factor. I'm Asian and I sure rarely come across any other Asian men who has this problem like me. I just know this is hereditery, which I got from my dad, I can't imagine this will occur onto my 40s. 1. How old are you? I'm 35, 36 very soon 2. When did y
  5. Been on Accutane twice in my early to mid 20s, had harder side effects. The only temporary solution is that I take a break or go on Minocycline for a short while and switch back to Septra. And I do drink water like a fish right now, and chew gum when I dont' have water to get my mouth salivating. Somehow, I really don't think my adult cyst acne is going to end any time soon. My oldest brother and father had severe cyst acne till their late 30s and early 40s. My oldest brother has one o
  6. I got two questions regarding forum members who's been on Septra before or still taking this. I've taken Septra consistently for over a year now. Though the dermatologist wrote a letter of recommedation to my GP, who's really the one prescribing me this medication, he's hestitant to keep me on Septra longer while the Dermatologist said she had given some patients for up to five years on minimal dosage. I'm 35, yes one of them adult acne folks, and had severe cyst acne since my teens. When my
  7. I have a question for those who are using or have used for a long duration for over a year. I've been on Apo-Sulfatrim (a cheaper name brand of Septra) for 1.5 years, and still taking it that my mouth/tongue is so dry. My tongue is so pasty and sticks to top of the inside of my mouth al the time. Now I've seem to be having constant halitosis no matter how much water I drink, and I making so many trips to the washroom many hours. I take 800mg. Are there anyone else who's experiencing this?
  8. I too have pigmentation change, my face looks like I got a permanent tan similar to what I would get during summer time. This is my entire face all the way to under my neck, basically anywhere I would usually be the most oily. I too was told pigmentation will fade over time after ending minocycline. Apo-Sulfatrim isn't perfect, but works for me. Sometimes I don't get any cyst, other times just a light cyst, just because the drug supress the cyst from further growth.
  9. No, my family doc won't prescribe me Tetracycline, because he believes it's considerably more harmful than minocycline, which he's quite hestitant to keep writing me for almost a year and half. So far he's seems willing to write Apo-Sulfatrim. I'm sure he's going to be hestitant at some point in the future. I should clarify, Apo-Sulfatrim is along the same family as Septra but cheaper, just like Mino and Doxy is within the Tetracyline family.
  10. Wondering how many people out there have been using Minocycline or Septra for long term. Presently, I've been taking Apo-Sulfatrim (800mg) for several years. If it wasn't for another member who mentioned about Septra, that I didn't realize Apo-Sulfatrim is related to Septra after some online research. One really annoying side effects in the past when I was on Minocycline for over a year, was my teeth seems to be getting yellower, and never went away with intense brushing. I really don't kn
  11. thanks Wynne, just finish a load of laundry before heading out. Didn't use the scent-free softner, some light clothes did stick together, but seems ok for the most part.