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  1. Check your water quality. Hard water seems to dry my skin out and clog my pores. I (fingers crossed) have the situation under control by moisterizing with cetaphil right after showering or washong my face.
  2. About what you said about the tap water irritating your face... I noticed hard water leaves like film on my face and eventually breaks me out. So I stopped using the tap water and noticed a big improvement. I've since gone back to tap water but I moisterize with cetaphil after each wash and everything is good so far. glad you're having success .
  3. Try drinking a shot of apple cider vinegar at night before bed. It'll boost your immune system and like I said help with digestion. And again lay off all the products. I wasted so much money on products and washing my face way too often. People with clear skin don't have cleansers or toners or any of this garbage. Ask your buddies with clear skin what they use and they'll probably tell you they wash with a bar of soap every now and then. I'm telling you this now myou skin is about 80% clear
  4. Honestly man, over washing with all these chemicals is stupid. I recently just gave up and now only use water and moisterizer (and maybe a acprocot face exfloiator 1x a week) and my skin is improving. also look into your diet...I think diary and processed food would be the main culprit. And drink some apple cider vinegar which will help with digestion. good luck.
  5. I'm just taking a shot in the dark here. You could have naturally high testosterone and alcohol does lower your test. Maybe when you stop drinking you get a spike it testosterone and therefore more acne. Maybe you could drink apple cider vinegar. Seems to work for some people. Helps with digestion. Stay strong.
  6. I have oh and did I mention, I got to the gym 5X a week, eat extremely clean, drink gallons of water. Shower every day, wash my sheets. Practice clean shaving habits. Only thing I do touch my face way too often, and I only do it because I feel for new bumps. Which is stupid I know. But you'd still look at my face and assume I'm doing something wrong.
  7. I know people say it's farfatched but I believe in my own personal opinion that there's a correlation. I've been a chronic mastbator since high school. I got acne when I was 18, and due to it ruining my life my masturbation increased. Once I got a girlfriend my mastorbation decreased and so did my acne. Fast forward a few years, I did no PMO for 30 days. MY was 90% clear, confidence was high. I went through a difficult time in my life and starting mastorbation again. My acne is the worst it's b