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  1. I ain’t desperate just curious. I’ll let you know if it does fuck all lol
  2. I’ve ordered it lol £33 is not a lot.
  3. This sounds like an apocalypse scenario. Your not ‘done’ in your late thirties. If I can have 0 scars in 10 years that’s fab. In the mean time real improvements will do.
  4. Sounds excellent. It seems siliair in principle to sunogel and other hydrogels.
  5. t I don't see how this would be translatable into scar revision, as that rat appears to wear a chamber device on the ulcer and then this science happens. I don't know about having multiple chambers on a face? lol.
  6. yeah all all of this. there isn't going to be a magic solution, just something to work with the healing process into a more normal skin outcome. its still going to need patience and work at the end of the day. But for those of us who are quite realistic, it is indeed looking promising. scar tissue also sticks to underlying tissue when healing, fs2 if it prevents scarring should take care of this as well in theory.
  7. these scientists don't play word games you know. in that level of writing such as published literature, words matter and are used on purpose. skint said fully regenerated, functional, full thickness skin with appendages. they met all those terms. its just not what any of us expected it would look like. they didn't lie, its just not for us. if you were a burn patient you would think its fantastic. birchbiomed have said prevents scarring in fresh wounds. so that is what it does. what th
  8. Anish don’t go to the extreme soloution. Accurate is no joke and yes people have developed keloid scars in darker skin tones. I remember your Indian? So please don’t. Your a higher risk ethnicity. It could be anything. Is your skin dry in that area? Look irritated? Could you just try some salicylic acid BUT TIP water in down a bit so it doesn’t sting. If it stings it’s too strong.
  9. Yes these lot are my favourite atm too. They dont use the word regeneration but perhaps its not that. Maybe some weird scarless but normalish tissue. They do say prevents scars so. My understanfing is scar tissue is like a plaster. Then it remodels into a more tissue like plaster. In old ppl it remodels well because the origninal plaster quality is weak. I think this is right?. So if you prevent this permanant plaster the skin needs to just remodel to heal. This bit we dont know u
  10. I don’t know. I am assuming it is believed they do because they are trialing it now on scars. If scars don’t then I think micro coring will be game over for us here. But I’m positive they believe it does. So just awaiting pics from the trial in November time I guess.
  11. To be fair surgical scar I was sceptical but if used within the boundaries I don’t see how you would loose good skin before scar? Also the company say the can adjust the depth and mention removiing fat vs not. So I don’t think you NEED to core the fat. But we will see.
  12. Basically yes. If I can be revised in one incision/revision with no real tension (I know this scars) ie you have laxity required then yes. To what % though we don’t know. The trial outcome in September will tell us that. me personally, I have a surgical scar. I have emailed the company to ask if they have plans for trials in scars such as these. I hope they are considering this because that would be positive.
  13. https://www.cytrellis.com/about-us/our-vision/ so this is the company who looks like the micro coring leaders??? Mission statement. It says nothing at current about a scar treatment. However, they are in clinical trials right now for the application in acne scars= https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT03782038 also it DOES reley on wound contraction. A spokes person said the wound heals by the skin shrinking and wound edges meeting. This makes sense because it claims to mainly work on
  14. In the letter to investors it does talk about plans to get it into cosmetics available at derm offices as the next step. Alot of the trials to come are for the Oral medication like the skin graft one they mentioned. In their interview their rep did say they are looking for topical market release in 2019. They say they need to get topic to market soon to fund the rest of the research and launches. So i by 2020 in a cream for sure. Tablet...maybe 3 or 4 years.
  15. http://birchbiomed.ca/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/032819-Birch-issues-letter-to-shareholdersFINAL.pdf fs2 update. Letter to share holders about their next plans etc. Creams end 2019 early 2020 I reckon. Obviously it’s working to a good standard. Very positive.