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  1. I got to save money anyways so it’s all good. Patience and positivity, I feel technology is moving so fast it won’t be long.
  2. I agree with you but I think elastogen might be a very viable way of not having excise scar tissue. Apparently through mode of action, the collagen builds a basket network with the elastic matrix and they stipulate hair follicle growth as well. I think these are hypothesis at the moment, but don’t underestimate the elastic matrix, that will allow no tension on the wound as allow collagen to normalise. Who knows ay.
  3. Elastogen won’t take long to come out. 5 years maybe. It’s going to make them too much money to wait about.
  4. Maybe not as an injectable though? For burns it’s sheeting....for example when tissue is absent.
  5. I can see these are stretch marks, but they are more like scars these ones. You can tell the epidermis has been broken too on most of them. Because elastogen is a product that needs to work within a tissue, it doesn’t create tissue. Box scars etc if you think about it would need to be revised so it’s a smooth surface, before elastogen can remodel it. You can’t make the tissue grow upwards or tissue that doesn’t exist suddenly appear. Rolling scars have the tissue.
  6. Look back on the forum it was discussed at length like September last year? Did they say 1.5mm too big or your opinion? 1.5 round hollow needle is not big? How is that too big to work on single acne scars? In my mind the technique works by scarless wound contraction. So I just can’t imagine how that’s too big that’s why I’m so interested.
  7. Have you tried micropigmentation? Because you have normal epidermis this should hide them nicely?
  8. Did I read you have trauma scars as well? One of mine is over an area which needs to stretch in multiple directions of motion, neck directly under the chin about an inch underneath, stretching round about 180 circumference of my upper neck. I can feel it is elasticity missing. I think you know these things with these injury’s because you feel it rather than reading about it. Micro needling has been great for improving softness of the collagen. Fat grafting same thing, collagen remodelling with i
  9. We have technology now that improve the collagen composition eg type 3 to type 1 through lasers, needling etc it’s just you can’t bring back any of the other missing bits. Elasticity is what causes most of the superficial problems like contracture and just the odd way the skin looks. Also the cause of disability as well. Dermal substitutes have elastic fibres in them I believe though? I know it reduces contracture big time. (living with a burn injury not acne scars)
  10. Tropoelastin looks amazing. Another missing link in the puzzle. I’m not sure if it would work for me but still good product. i have had fat grafting recently and it has worked amazing for me for comfort and softness of scar but the elasticity is still yet to be seen. A scar revision and tropoelastin injectable for me could be enough actually for full function again. Also elasticity helps reduce tension which in itself improves scars.
  11. I am checking Cytrellis all the time. I’m quite positive it will be at minimum, real improvements. But I think it can do what we all hope x
  12. Most of us in here likely feel down about our scars. It’s apart of your life remember, not your whole life.
  13. I heard that mentioned before, but that still requires trials and funding etc I think this is where birchbiomed was In 2012 in terms of steps to market. So maybe 5 to 8 years for commercial. Sounds good though, I know in my life time it will happen but I’m happy to get there with multiple treatments rather than just one. I know others will need a one off treatment and I might as well. Just don’t know do ya.
  14. The skin scars for a variety of reasons and causes. Some only need inflammation and they get scarred. Others skin is more hardy and won’t. A number of things therefore could be useful to some, but not all. Cytrellis claims to be good for scar contracture, eg the cores taken will come back as softer collagen 1 scar, but not be able to take it out due to diameter. A linear scar or say 5mm acne scar can be easily removed. It’s not a miracle, you are right. But it will be enough for some. Ther
  15. Scaring is fibrosis. Wrinkle is not. Wrinkle is normal tissue eg has hair follicle, sweat gland etc scar does not have these. You clearly have no clue even what a scar is. Go back a few steps in your learning first. There is zero correlation between “baby face” (which btw fat gives baby face, not the skin) and Cytrellis. Lol