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  1. Hey guys, I have stopped my active acne about 3 months ago, I only had mild-moderate acne (I believe) but did pop a few pimples here and there was a proper dermatologist tool that they use. However, I think I have seen mild scarring, (my mum says she only sees hyper pigmentation but it's what I believe and it's my thoughts that make me self conscious.) Anyways, I have been looking on the internet furiously for about 1-2 months now on if acne scars will heal on their own. I have seen multiple pos
  2. Hey all, I have recently come across acne.org and have bought the regimen. I currently do not have active acne (havent for about 3 months due to use of Doryx, a much lighter version of accutane), just a few marks and very mild scars. (I still have blackheads etc.). I am wondering whether to actually use the regimen or just use the AHA exfoliate to help with cell turnover rate. I've also heard that using t he AHA with the BP in the treatment boosts the AHA performance. Please recommend what I sho