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  1. Wise grandmothers tell me that rubbing potato skins on the face is good for you skin in general. It can only do good, right? I've tried it a couple times and my skin felt refreshed...but I didn't do it long enough to reap the benefits I think I'm going to try it again
  2. Hey guys... So, I'm going to be transferring schools, and this school has a competition for the students to be a model for their bookstore. Now back in the day, I wouldn't usually enter a contest like this. There's absolutely no way I would undergo more potential ridicule... This is largely attributed to my low self esteem. Which thankfully has been improving steadily, with much effort. I'm currently on a 'no-talking-about-my-appearance' diet, to prevent me from condemning my face, and hidi
  3. Hey I have done the same thing too. Rarely in high school, but then college came my face went crazy...and well, every day was a huge debate. "To go, or not to go?" Sometimes I would go, sometimes I wouldn't. But I've always been a good student, and I know my grades are more important then what others think of me. I struggled to go for sure. I'd go to school and not look at anyone, just stare into a spot (yes, I know...I sound like an odd one), but it helped me focus my attention away, just in
  4. All the flakiness is driving me crazy! Oh dear God. I had to spend 14 hours on a plane and when I checked my face in the miniscule bathroom on the 757 I was appalled to see my face! It looks like I have some contagious disease with skin flaking everywhere! I am not on accutane anymore (it's been more than a year). I traveled to a very humid climate (which drove my hair and my face nuts). The individuals who work for the airport security stole my moisturizer because they said creams in exces
  5. Hey guys, I've been using the Smashbox Photo Primer under foundation, with the hopes that it would fill in the indentations my scars have made a little better :[ I mix my Christian Dior concealer + Dermablend for Acne Foundation usually...but I'm about to run out. I've heard talk about using petroleum jelly/monistat/philosophy primers... and Dermablend Cover creme, Vichy Dermablend etc. So basically I would like some feedback on which foundation, concealer, and primer would you suggest to f
  6. I've used chapstick, medicated lip balm, and cocoa butter. i applied it like 30 times a day... i also tried using my skin moisturizer for my lips too...but none work =[ does anyone know of something that could work?
  7. I haven't posted in a while..mainly because I haven't had any time! So I'll do a quick summary until I can edit this more. During the first week and a half my face got terrible! I also had a lot of back pain, dry lips, and quite a melancholy demeanor. I also got ticked off very easily. After that, my skin cleared up dramatically...I'd say there were only 4 greatly noticeable cystic pimples. And a few days later they were really small and my face was pretty even! of course, my face was a litt
  8. IB?? Sorry... I am so bad with acronyms! I have no idea what that stands for...I would almost guess Ibuprofen...but thats probably not it lol. Ah yeah...hopefully this month will go by fast. I don't know anyone who has bad acne, so it helps me knowing that others are going through the same thing. People who mind don't matter and people who matter don't mind...i guess that's what i need to remember. i wish you good luck!
  9. thanks soccer89, yeah...i had no idea it would get so bad so quick. i'm going to try to act normal and you're right...it probably does draw more attention to me. i will go to french today without the hoodie and try to let it bother me.
  10. I was wondering if someone could recommend a good SPF 30 moisturizer that isn't too greasy/sticky and does a good job of moisturizing. I never sunburn...and apparently I do now that I'm on Accutane. I've tried using Jojoba oil & the Lac-Hydrin ( I think that's how it's spelt) but it's still flaky! OR some moisturizer that will relieve me of the itchiness!! omg. i think i'm going to die. ahhh! any suggestion would be great...help me, s'il vous plait???
  11. Day 8 Argh...so I've been acting extremely awkward in the past couple of days. I wear a hoodie in 80 degree weather and try to hide from everyone. My skin is terrible I began to break out the day after I took my first 40mg pill. (I take them in the evening around 6). My skin is extremely dry and flaky and sooooo itchy! Arghhhhh yeah...so I'm basically a recluse now. I hate going to work and school (I'm in college and flight school). I got a new job...thank goodness I don't work for the be