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  1. the doxycycline had already been bought so it would be a wast of money to not take them but once it is finish no more acne treatment once i started treating my major depressive disorder and my generalized anxiety disorder i started caring less about my acne i can't be bothered with treatment especially anything hard taking pills is easy
  2. i had woke up for an hour before i realized the zits if i had gone the whole day with looking into the mirror or touching my face i wouldn't have noticed acne is just acne zits are just zits i am a beautiful woman acne you make be strong physically but i am stronger mentally
  3. if you need someone to talk to i am here don't pop if you don't want me zits
  4. tons of zits vs little zits what's the difference ? i didn't see it my life was no different so why try hard to clear my skin ? tons of zits vs little zits whatever
  5. my acne had major improvements recently if i still cared about my acne i would be so scared it would come back but i don't care anymore if it comes back or not how is my life with tons of zits vs little zits any different ? i see little difference the goal of clear skin is gone when i got close and see it's nothing special what's the allure ?
  6. i had met a girl when my acne was it's worst she has clear skin we feel in love she didn't care about my acne my acne is getting better and she doesn't care i don't care about my acne anymore
  7. you can't depend on your acne to determine if you will be happy or not that is a lesson i had learned the hard way
  8. i took this picture while jogging today the is by far the best my skin has looked since i was 10 but i do not know if it will stay this way i also stink i stink of garlic and onion and fish i have been doing cardio i also did hot yoga i am also gladly following the advise about the sex and masturbation been keeping myself stress free since my freak out
  9. my pimples are reducing despite me being on my period this effect is likely partially because of the light therapy and i know that the effects of light therapy may not last
  10. said:I am 13 years old and I have tried every skin care product in boots! My bright red acne sits on my Tzone, either side of my nose around my mouth and my chin. I have had so many ppl comment on my skin and I have just broke down and cried because I am so ashamed of my face, knocking my self confidence back down to zero. I have tried having a healthy diet for a whole 2 months and nothing changed, I have tried no make up days and still nothing changed! I try to hide my spots by using make up an
  11. about my a month ago i had my first visit with a new derm who told me to get a bunch of crazy tests not only to test my hormones again but that my parents and sisters get their hormones tested that i should test my genes and my parents and sisters should test their genes too to get have skin tests according to my hormones test my hormones are within normal range but my derm said and i quote "you have the hormonal make up of a professional female athlete" i have more growth hormone (GH)
  12. it is okay to admit when you are not okay i am not okay i am going to get help i am extremely extremely extremely sorry for my post about suicide i am also extremely sorry for my posts and blog entries preceding the post about suicide i am seriously PMSing and i am had such a bad day i expect with all the stress and stress eating from today that my acne will get worse i hate acne just fricking go away acne i hate you
  13. i am so sorry guys i apologize greatly for posting this i talked to my mom and i have an appointment to see a psychiatrist just remember guys no matter how bad your acne is suicide is NEVER the answer absolutely NOT please guys do NOT even think about it acne is NOT a reason to kill oneself PLEASE if I had ended my life that would have been a permanent mistake
  14. [link removed] i really did want to do this i try so hard to just calmly talk to someone who would talk to me about this but nobody is understanding that i am trying to talk about somethign seriouus i really need someone to talk to please anyone please i begging you i am just asking for a conversation everything is just too hard i just can't handle it i think my life willl get better bbut its not i want to die to stop the pain
  15. neither birth control nor accutane have worked for me i just want my acne to go away so badly
  16. when I talk to people either they are nice and I talk to them for awhile and end up never hearing from them again or they just ignore me some people have even blocked me for just saying hi does everyone else have a life but me ? it's just sad even here I am the freak nobody wants to talk to seems there is something besides my acne that people find repulsive seems like I am not a human being seems like i am trash on the street for everyone to ignore i just wanted one friend from here
  17. hey try to relax I know it sucks to have hormonal acne but I know the more I stress the more acne I get n the bigger they get. Try Stop looking into the mirror until your of your period. Good luck n hope that helps thanks
  18. i am crying because i am breaking out now i got my stupid period i am seriously looking into a way to stop my periods this sucks as if cramps and bloating and being gassy was not bad enough
  19. coming from someone with much worse skin: never apologizes for feeling bad about having acne one zit can make someone so insecure but please don't let it get you down because negative wouldn't only make you feel bad but can cause more breakouts
  20. trying to stay positive need help and support I met a friend (not talking about anyone from this forum) who seems to be understanding but does she really ? does she understand why I keep disagreeing with her when she tells me I am beautiful ? she asks why do I not feel beautiful in my head I am thinking have you not seen my skin her perfect skin annoys me I feel like she is too pretty to be my friend just trying hard to stay fricking positive