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  1. This actually happened to me recently, it normally happens on the side of my head in the area between my eyes and where my hair starts. All you can really do for it is ice the heck out of it, and I normally put some honey/cinnamon or neosporin and cover it with a bandaid during the night. Stop using acne products on it, because that will only make it worse. It may come to a small head, but don't expect anything satisfying, it'll eventually die down to a red mark which will last a while before it
  2. I want to say that is isn't related to lifting. For one, sweating and exercise is good for your body (Sort of purges you) and a healthy body means less acne. Exercise also releases endorphines which trigger a reduction in stress levels, and so you are under more physical stress but not more mental stress. Testosterone levels increasing is an interesting thought, but I don't think that it would effect you in a way to break you out so frequently (I lift myself and I don't really make this connecti
  3. Well if you have sensitive skin that is prone to dryness, getting out of a hot shower means your face is already getting dehydrated and irritated, then applying toner and repair lotion immediately is going to further dry it out and probably make your face all red and possibly have a burning feeling to it. That's what would happen to me anyways, but do you use Pro-activ because it works for you or because of the name? Because Acne Free is an awesome system that is way better IMO and it's half
  4. Hey everyone, I don't really have acne anymore because I think I'm finally starting to grow out of it, but my cheeks and my nose are always redder than the rest of my face and it's horrible. Its not really acne, I do have a few very small white dots in some areas, but nothing like a pimple really. I would love to get my face all the same tone for once, so I was looking into Eucerin redness reducing products like the cleanser or the night cream. Has anyone here used any of them? Do they
  5. Hey everyone, I have been battling mild acne for a long time now, but thankfully it's dying off now that I'm getting older. However, I have always had this facial redness on my cheeks which is incredible annoying. It's much redder than my normal skin color, it's bumpy/rough in some areas, and overall it's very annoying. It sort of always looks like I have wind burn I guess? All I use is a BP cleanser in the morning, but I don't scrub my cheeks, just my forehead, outer face, and chin. Ho
  6. I believe it, in fact just today I woke up with the first huge pimple I've had in months. I kinda knew it was coming, because I had some comedonal white bumps in a group on my forhead for about a week but didn't think too much of them, and then bang today they decided to all gang up and become inflamed into one huge zit. Its a bummer but atleast I know when it goes away the comedonal stuff goes away too.
  7. Wow! I've got to try that! Do you use anything else? Like normal cleanser, and moisturizer? Also, where can you get aspirin the cheapest?
  8. Honey Aspirin mask, best mask in the world and it'll cost you a whopping 6 dollars or less, and all the ingredients are very guy friendly (I'm a guy too). All you need is honey, aspirin and water. Here are in depth directions on how to make it: (just ignore the part about the toner, but moisturize with your favorite moisturizer afterwards like it says) Aspirin Mask
  9. I've tried legit every mask out there, and there is no mask better that I have found than the Aspirin Honey mask. Its so simple and costs, in total, no more than like 6 bucks to last you months. All you do it take 5-10 aspirin pills, put them in a bowl, drop a few DROPS of water on them just to get them to start dissolving, then squirt honey on them just enough to cover them all. You mix it all up with your finger and apply it. The honey kills bacteria, soothes and moisturizes skin, and makes yo
  10. From what I've read 10 minutes is most common, but there are others i've read saying 20-40 minutes, and even one person said overnight but I think 10 minutes is the reccommended time.
  11. Yeahhh good idea, thanks for your help i'm gonna try it tonight =)
  12. Alright cool I'll try that, I've been using honey as an overnight spot treatment for a while now anyways, so that wont be a problem. Is aspirin alright to use on sensitive skin? (my forehead and chin are fine but I have sensitive cheeks).
  13. Hey everyone, I just bought some generic uncoated aspirin today because prom is coming up this week and naturally, after being clear for several months, my skin wants to s*** the bed again. So far I've been just spot treating with it, I used it once this morning and once just now and it brought a big zit that I had on my chin to a head which was pretty cool, and from the looks of it it did lessen the redness of the other zits on my face. I read some things and other forums online abo
  14. Alright cool, thanks everyone. I was clear for so long, then all of a sudden I get 1 zit on my chin and next thing you know i'm dealing with a massive breakout, then I get one zit between my eyes and like two on the opposite sides of my head. I was like what the HELL so now I'm trying some different stuff (i've just about tried it all by now). I've realized that honey with cinnamon can clear zits and from what i've seen red marks very very well. Not like a 10 minute mask though, I usually glob i