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  1. I got one at a cosmetic warehouse for $7, and it sort of stung my face. I ended up giving it away.
  2. I could see it helping. Like a sauna room? Just dont wear makeup if your going in.
  3. Don't stop exercising, it can help improve acne. When i was on a working out binge for a few years, I didn't break out ever. Now that I have sort of, well, lacked a little, i do break out. That reminds me, maybe I should start again!!
  4. I too just had a time with 3 zits that hurt like hell!! And then when you can feel it like that they feel huge, even though they may not be. Just hang in there, they have to go away at some point.
  5. I'm sorry to thekid if i offended you, but you must realize that one zit or a million it can affect you in the same way. I have a friend who has terrible acne and is on accutane as well, I am thankful that I dont have that severe, however I still get bummed when I get them. I hope yours clears up, but I dont appreciate your unconsiterate response.
  6. ^^^ I agree, that would be very cool if they knew how long it takes for a pimple to surface.
  7. So I am super aggrevated!! I dont have acne anywhere but my chin. And usually when I get stressed out. But lately I have had to huge hard, zits. When they started going away, I got 3 more like it. I get so self-consious when I get them, and try to cover them up with makeup the best I can,,but come on! I am 25,,when is this gonna stop. I also just started trying the vinegar,,so lets keep our fingers crossed!!
  8. Hello, I am a fellow Canadian,, and quite proud of it. I grew up in a suburb of T.O. and then a few yrs back trekked it North. Not too North, about 45 mins n. of T.O.
  9. Maybellines Lash Expansion is great!!! I am a mascara junkie, and this one delivers amazing!! Aveeno Cleasing Lotion, even though they discontinued it here in Canada L'Oreal's ColourJuice in Her Majesty's Rose, the nicest shade of pink. Very natural, yet glossy. Annabelle eyeshadow in 121. A very nice taupe/shimmery/pinky colour. Works well with practicaly any eye colour.
  10. This is good to know, another makeup board that I go to it didn't get very good reviews. I love serums but have oily skin, and was a little eerie on trying this. But I need something to fade some old acne scars,,i think I might give it a try now. Thanks!
  11. Hi there, I am new, but while I am reading on this vinegar regime, what if you could somehow soak a cottonball and sort of tape it to the zit overnight. Is that crazy or could it work? (Looking forward to learning new things!!) /