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  1. coming from a tane user on his last day dan's cleanser and cetaphil were great cleansers for me, but since you hate cetaphil i'm not of much help there shampoo: H&S makes a sensitive skin 'poo. I use it and it has been great lips: aquaphor. period. eyes: anything is fine, I would avoid rohto and go with systane dry skin: curel works well on the body either fragrance free if your skin is that sensitive, or the intensive healing one. as for face, aveeno's ultra calming w/ spf 15 is REAL
  2. i have read all over that it stays in your bloodstream for 2 weeks as for getting the perscription form walmart, idk. I used cvs
  3. very detailed I'm ending my course, and I used glucosamine, chondritin, MSM combination along with fish oils. I lift and do cardio almost every day at the gym, and these remedies prevent aching.
  4. i'm pretty sure it stays in your bloodstream for about 2 weeks the important part is cumulative dose
  5. Hey, i'm actually on my 2nd to last day of my treatment of 80mg per day. just looking around trying to see if i can help anyone out. Have you tried supplementing with fish oil? It really helped with dryness for me. Those rashes you have/had look alot like what i have/had but not as bad. I currently use fluocinonide cream/ointment (your preference) brand name is LIDEX This stuff REALLY gets inflammation and redness down overnight, only problem is that it is VERY slimy and you can't really
  6. well well, sorry for stopping my log. I have approx 2 weeks left, and then i'm DONE. I don't remember the last time I got a pimple. I still have the ingrown hair/red bump issue with shaving (see my last post above) -----i found a solution to this. fluocinonide cream/ointment (Lidex brand name). ------------i use the fluocinonide as an aftershave (at night since it's greasy), and I don't get the red bumps for the post part. I have developed a pretty crappy case of tane burn. I know it goes
  7. im on my final month of tane and still have "tane burn" redness is a problem every now and then. apparently it can last up to a yr after treatment is over, but its all good no acne for months now and im almost done
  8. im 5 months in with 80mg a day. Started taking glucosamine/chondritin/msm from vitamin shoppe after 2 months of joint aches. It works like a charm, nearly no joint pains and i'm able to lift just how i used to before accutane.
  9. so, i weigh 79kg, been on 40mg twice a day since the start (mid march) I should be done in 120 days or 4 months then, correct? I missed 10ish days due to a bad breakout (i was put on prednisone and told to stop for 10 days) so 130 days for me? also, i'm guessing that interruptions in the course dont really matter unless they are frequent and long
  10. Hey everyone, i remember reading somewhere what the cumulative tane dose should be. I cant find that thread. I know recommended dose for tane is .5-1.5mg/kg but what is the total intake supposed to be at the end of the course?
  11. yea i have this problem minimally when not on tane, its just worse while on it. grab some cortizone 10 (over the counter) until you can get an appt with your derm to get some stronger perscription stuff.
  12. Just how bad is it? I accidentally ate a 25% daily value of vitamin A snack. I'm sure it wont kill me, but just how bad is it to have vitamin A while on tane?
  13. havent updated lately, but this post will be interesting... keep reading. I scratched my scalp in my sleep and developed this pussing thing on the back of my head. It was covered by hair but kept pussing. My vision got a little blurry one day (no pain). I think it was because of using the computer too much since im done with school right now. My derm pulled me off tane for 10 days and put me on prednisone (to get rid of the bump that was on my head). Almost ready for my 2nd biore strip to
  14. hey, i started in late march, i've been on 40mg twice a day since i started. My blackheads didn't come out. At the end of month 1 i did one of those biore blackhead strips. People say not to wax and such (i consider the biore like waxing), but it worked out fine, nothing tragic.
  15. Day 36 Sorry I havent updated lately, I've been busy. So, I've stopped caring about having aquaphor on my lips all the time. People don't comment on the acne anymore, I just get "hey, are you wearing lipgloss?" I think i can deal with that. As for IB stuff. I don't think I got an IB (yet?) lets hope it stays that way. Every now and then some whiteheads are popping up, but they heal quickly. Blackheads became a problem on my nose. I never used to get them before, but I biore stripped the