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  1. Did you get a doctors reference first? Or straight to the derm? There's A LOT in my area but it seems they mostly focus on botox, lip injections, etc. and also offer "acne services" I'm just so nervous about companies trying to take my money. It'll definitely be hard to find someone who genuinely cares about my concern. Thanks so much for all of your help!! I'm grateful you're still here spreading your knowledge and talking about your experience.
  2. Do you go to the dermatologist to get spironolactone? I'm definitely willing to try something more serious if that's essentially the only option. I've been trying to find a doctor so I can get an opinion from a dermatologist but nowhere near me is accepting new patients. It's so stressful.
  3. I've made quite a few posts in this forum and it seems my skin is getting progressively worse. I was convinced it was from the stress of school, but now that I'm graduated my skin is actually the worse it's ever been. I took the week off to just chill, wear no makeup, excersize & do yoga (de-stress) and eat really well and I swear to god everyday it gets worse. I'm not eating dairy. I'm taking Omega-3, Multi-Vitamin, and a Probiotic everyday. I wash my face with Eminence Clear Skin
  4. I'll definitely be giving this a try! Your skin looks great
  5. You have beautiful skin! Just maintain a good skincare routine, face masks, etc. and I'm sure any concerns will go away. I use a great masque by Eminence, the Clear Skin Probiotic one. Try it out! Also Lush has some pretty good, inexpensive masks.
  6. I'll definitely look into it! Thank-you so much for the advice and kind words.
  7. I get such little sun and drink maybe once every couple of months This acne seems to be such a mystery
  8. I've only really tried natural, at-home remedies. I'm not a huge supporter of medications or doctors in general so I really wanted to handle this by getting to the root of the problem. I've been washing with cetaphil but recently switched to Coal Face by Lush and it's slightly better. Then I was using jojoba oil mixed with tea tree as a moisturizer but my facialist said to stop in case that's what is clogging the pores. I've been just using face wash and moisturizer to avoid overwhelming my s
  9. I've been struggling with acne right on the apples of my cheek. This has been going on for a year now and yet again, I'm completely stumped. I'll sometimes get a few spots around my hairline or on my forehead, but my main concern is the cheeks. I don't even go out anymore. I'm obsessed with acne and conjuring up a "cure." As much as I try to let it go and wait for it to fade, it bothers me to the point where I feel completely depressed. My lifestyle, habits, everything is controlled by this a
  10. I've been dealing with progressively worsening acne for about a year now. I'll get the occasional blemish on my forehead, but there's always a clump on both of my cheeks. It's always worse on the right cheek, not sure if that's a factor but I thought I'd mention it. I'm at the point in my acne journey where I've tried everything. Essential Oils, Natural Remedies, Skincare Products, Weekly $100 Facials, EVERYTHING, yet nothing has helped. I'm wondering if there's potentially a hormonal imbalanc
  11. The oils I'm using are just 100% tea tree and 100% jojoba oil, as well as the 100% rosehip oil. I'll try Vitamin E oil though, I've heard a lot of really great things about it. I actually stopped putting the tea tree on my acne and it's helped a lot! It was definitely what was drying me out. I'm still using it mixed in with the jojoba for a moisturizer and in my cleanser, but i'll try just using the Cetaphil and see how that goes. Thanks for the advice. I'm also going to try out Vitamins.
  12. Between the derm, homeopath and NP which would you recommend? I'm thinking of getting more help with my acne but I'm not too sure where to start.