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  1. if you dont mind me asking how did tane work for you? was there major side effects for you? im interested in taking it when i get insurance, would you reccomend it?

  2. hey elizabeth! it's been awhile, since accutane and that whole experience. just wanted to see how things were going for you! :)


  3. i started using it before i even stopped taking 'tane, so definitely no IB. i just still get the tiny random clogged pores or tiny whiteheads, but definitely no IB. i'm sure if you start using retin-a right after 'tane (provided you got almost entirely clear on it) there would be nothing in your pores to make you have an IB.
  4. Yup. Ortho Tri. I'm never going off...stopping BC was what made me break out & need 'tane to clear up This is reassuring! Thanks It seems like some post-taners on here never get another blemish, but maybe they just don't mention it. It's funny because the things that make me freak out now (clogged pore, tiny whitehead) I'd never have even noticed on my face prior to the breakout that lead me to 'tane.
  5. I'm almost 6 months post. I've been using Retin-A Micro for maintenance every night. I haven't had any inflamed pimples or breakouts, but over the past few months the oil has slowly returned to my T-zone, as well as a few tiny, tiny blackheads and the occasional clogged pore or pinprick whitehead. I saw my derm about a month and a half ago wanting to go back on 'tane for these reasons, or at least on a low or micro-dose course and she refused. She said my skin was flawless (its not, but anyway
  6. I'm wondering if mandelic acid would be better than retin-a for keeping pores clear and reducing oil???? Or can I use both??? Any ideas???
  7. Hello all you crazy EM cult members... So I FINALLY tried my EM samples that I ordered last summer.....I was on Accutane and wanted to wait for my skin to clear up, and then I forgot about them...haha. Anyway, here's the status of my skin - 100% clear (sometimes an occasional clogged pore), but I do have some remaining faint red marks and a bit of very shallow scars on my cheeks. So, I need good coverage. Also, now that I'm done with Accutane, my Tzone tends to get oily a few hours after washi
  8. I started Retin-A Micro when I was still on tane and have continued to use it (I'm 3 months post). It seems to be working well to keep my pores clear. I have had no negative side effects, other than peeling if I use too much or if I use it too often. I have not (crossing fingers) had any breakouts since I cleared on Accutane, other than a couple tiny clogged pores now and then. I like Retin-A, and plan to use it indefinitely as it is also good for evening skin tone, reducing shallow scarring, an
  9. Hey guys, I've been off Tane 3 months, and still clear - yay. However, I never considered myself to have oily skin prior to tane, but I did have a somewhat oily T-zone. And.....that's back. I'm still clear, but starting to worry that if the oil is back, the acne will come back....Though, ironically, I never broke out in my oily T-zone - only on my cheeks, which were mostly always dry. Anwyay, for any post-taners, is it normal to get the oil back? And might I still stay clear even if my T-zone
  10. Hi Everyone, I know this is redundant, and I read like 15 pages of this huge thread, so I'm sorry but I have to re-post a question I'm sure you've answered somewhere. Is it true that supplementing (properly) with Omega3's can REDUCE oil production????? Some people on here say it increases, others say it decreases. I am post-tane, and just starting to get a bit of oil back on my tzone. I want to control it and make sure I stay clear. I'm using Retin-A (which supposedly helps oil production as w
  11. Hey guys, I'm three months post-accutane, and have been pretty much clear since last October, minus the occasional clogged pore. I'm very happy about that! I had a rhinoplasty last week, and things are going great - except one thing. Prior to the surgery, I did not have even ONE blackhead on my nose. But, after eight straight days with tape and glue and a cast on my nose, I now have tiny blackheads all over it. What should I do????? I have to be very careful with my nose, obviously, but I wan