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  1. Great loose powder for oily skin and scalp

    I don't remember how I heard that some people use Fuller's Earth as dry shampoo. I gave it a try a couple of weeks ago and loved the result. Then I wondered if I could also use at as setting powder and that worked wonderfully. No other loose powder keeps my oily skin shine free for hours and hours like this does. However, while the skin looks great with the powder on, it actually feels a bit dry to the touch. If you have Fuller's Earth and use if for face masks, try it as a setting powder over y
  2. Erasing acne scars has never been this easy

    I did not have great expectations about this product. As soon as I read "scrub" in the title I thought that I will most likely not like it. I have avoided physical exfoliants like scrubs for years because they always end up scratching my face and then my acne would get more inflamed than ever. The story of how I ended up trying this product in spite of my scepticism is for another post. But here, for this review I'd like to share my experience of using this amazing product. I call it my second m
  3. Truly amazing acne scars treatment peel

    I am so excited to share my experience using this product.   I tried it for a month on my forehead and temples only. I didn't expect it to work after just one month therefore I wasn't disappointed when I saw that it made only slight difference to my acne scars. I continued with my regular skin care regimen and had no immediate plans to repurchase this product. But then two weeks later I started noticing   that my forehead looked very smooth and   the scars on my temples were barely there. The f