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  1. http://www.dermarollers.com/scars.html anybody try nova dermaroller?
  2. I have all kinds of scars; ice picks, box scars, but the thing that really bothers me is the rolling scars. Dermaroller? retina a? Anybody know a good dermaroller brand? Anybody know where I can get some retina a? http://www.derma-rollers.com/7/new-the-sci...a-derma-roller/ has anybody tried the scientia dermaroller? is it any good? also do they sell dermarollers for the leg/body? and can dermarollers be used for hyperpigmentation? Also, do dermarollers actually work by themselves or do
  3. Anybody have any useful links where I can purchase the retina and needling?
  4. Hi, I had breakouts since I was in the 7th grade and just couple months ago I got it under control. I get a blemish or a acne here and there, but nothing major. While I had acne I had a habit of squeezing, picking, peeling the scab, and over time it got worse and worse, also I use to play basketball in the hot sun all day. So after I got my acne under control using Dan's regime. It really worked wonders. I stayed out of the sun and started using Neutrogena Advanced Peel. The redness eventu
  5. I was wondering if there was a good regime or forum for body skin. I needed help regarding hyperpigmentation. thank you
  6. Hi, I have been using the Purpose Moisturizer too for about a year now. It never turned my skin orange, but the bad thing was that it was white and the flaky skin really stood out and sort of made my face look whiter.
  7. Anybody have any tips for decreasing oil on your face? Eventhough I don't get acne anymore, my face is still oily. When I'm doing the regime, after I wash my face with cleanser, using BP, and then moisturizer it's fine, but throughout the day my face gets oily. This happens especially throughout the day and after I put it on at night and wake up the next day it's kind of oily but not much as throughout the day. Does this mean I need to add a little bit of moisture throughout the day? Any rec
  8. If you have been following me for the last two months. Like I said the regime worked, I get like maybe small zit here and there but I'm ok with it the red marks have dramatically reduced because I used chemical peels, mosture with sunblock and I basically stay out of the sun (before I use to be in the sun playing basketball all day) I still have red marks, but I'm still working on it...I think i'm going to buy the baby brush this week and use it I have had acne since 7th grade and now I'm 22
  9. Update: Last time I made a thread was regarding the chemical peel from neutrogena. It didn't make me breakout or irritate my skin. I didn't really feel anything tingly like the directions said I should. I think skin has gotten softer and smoother, but I don't know how effective it is getting rid of the red marks and the deep acne scars. I only use it like twice a week. But I was thinking about doing the brush everyday, anybody recommend any good brushes that they use? thanks
  10. well...too late...i bought them already but i haven't used them what kind did you use?
  11. my face is clear...i don't break out anymore my face is still oily, but at least i don't break out but i still have red and brown marks and scars from years of acne I bough the Neutrogena Advanced Solutions Facial Peel, but when do I use it? if you have this or any chemical peel, when do you use it in the regime? thanks
  12. oh by the way, i have been on the regime for exactly two months now and it worked i use to break out in my forehead, cheeks (the worse spot) and the side of my face (the spot next to the eyes where the forehead and cheek connects). when i started using it the acne started moving down to the lower portion of my face like around the mouth and chin, but the forehead and side of face is pretty much gone except breakout here and there, but my cheeks have got dramatically better (because that was my
  13. when should i do exfoliation in the regime? some people said do it before, but that was for the brush i want to use the Neutrogena Advanced Solutions Facial Peel has anybody used it and is it any good? i can't order anything online and saw this at the local drug store and it says it has better exfoliating power than most chemicals that they sell on the market i read some reviews, some people liked it, another person said it made their face red for a while and stung really bad so my questi
  14. I just got done using one bottle since I have been on the regime. This is what the bottle states: Salicylic Acid Acne Treatment * For Clear, Even-Looking Skin * Helps Prevent Breakouts Oil Free. Noncomedogenic. Soap-Free. Hypoallergenic. I got the product because it had all those elements you should look for in a cleanser, but my question is at first when I used it, I felt like it wasn't cleaning deep enough and now it feels like it's over drying my face. Does the Salicylic Acid make it