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  1. Hey troops, Sorry for the silence. My laptop was missing for a while – a housemate broke hers, so I lent her mine for a few weeks... but, in the meantime, there's news. The skin’s fine. Yes, there are scars on my left cheek, but six weeks off the junk hasn’t made a damn o’ difference. Still in remission – and long may it continue... but, more importantly, I’m now seeing the young lady I was previously speaking to y'all about. Have been for five weeks, now. And it rocks. She rocks.
  2. Hello mate, I began on 65mg per day, but got sick almost immediately and my dose was cut. To 20mg per day at first, which I took for three weeks, then it was increased to 30mg per day, which I took for a further 20 weeks. My cumulative dose is nowhere near the 120mg/kg mark. My dermatologist feels that, given the severity of disease that I had before I started (which was modest), and the fact that my skin was appearing to scar spontaneously, I should come off it. For the 20 weeks that I was ta
  3. Yeah, well... my patience kinda snapped yesterday afternoon... she sent me a text that seemed to be poking fun at me a little bit, so I snapped at her; to the effect of, "my affection is not a given - if you don't want it, I'll take it somewhere else". This was greeted by silence - I'm pretty sure I've upset her... [sigh] ... well, it was bound to happen at some point, wasn't it?
  4. Yeah. Clearly true. Damn it, man...!
  5. Hey, babe. Yeah - the thing is, she loves it, too! But she doesn't appreciate that what I'm doing is more than 'being her friend'... I've decided to cool-off the attention over the next two weeks and see how she reacts. I've written her number somewhere I can find it, and erased it from my phone - that way, even if I feel compelled to text her something cute, I won't be able to. When we're back at med school, I'll see how things go. But the next time she's cuddles-up next to me, she'd better b
  6. As a footnote to that, thank you to everyone who's dropped-in to keep me motivated since summer. I realise it's not been gleeful reading some of the time, and I don't blame certain members for losing patience with me along the way. I'd probably have done the same, in their position... And if anyone wants any advice on taking 'tane or not, they should feel free to message me. Happy New Year, by the way, everyone.
  7. Day 159 Well... it looks like that's that. I'm just returned from a dermatology clinic, and I'm to stop taking the pills as of now. The appointment took fucking ages, because the registrar that I was speaking to annoyed me and I asked to speak to her boss - I felt she was making light of the fact that I'd sought counselling for my difficulties with scarring, and that really fucked me off... ... both doctors felt that my scarring was nothing too concerning - but, then, they wouldn't. Some of t
  8. Thanks ladies, You're both correct to say that I should probably just let it be... I mean, the last time I did that, I got a birthday kiss! I'm not the kinda guy who'd deliberately manipulate a girl - particularly not one that I care about - but it seems to me that I'm only ever going to get what I want if I don't treat her as well as I want to... what I want to do is text-message her constantly with entertaining observations that I make over the course of the day, interspersed with flirting a
  9. Well, yeah. Can't disagree, there! I mean, she's 20 and she's led a very sheltered life so far. But, even allowing for that, some of her behaviour's been pretty bizarre... She's known that I've liked her since November of last year, and did nothing to encourage me at all... until, a little over a week before my birthday, I told her that a year was long enough to wait for anyone, and that I was going to accept that we were friends and move forward as such - then, nine days later, she comes after
  10. Thanks, babe. Yeah, it certainly is "too bad". Because we're great together... funnily enough, I seem to get much more attention out of her when I ignore her, which is something of a drag - it's not the way I want to play it...
  11. Hey folks. Good to hear from you again. The situation with me and the girl is pretty much as-you-were. We've talked about it since we've come home for Christmas - although she definitely likes me to some extent, she's never had a "serious boyfriend" before, and she (correctly) recognised that if we were to get together, I would've become her first - and she just wasn't sure whether circumstances were right for that. Though I'm by no means ruling-out another kiss or two down the line, I don't fo
  12. Day 153 Five months on the 'tane. And we're pretty much where we were a month ago - the redness is very modest now, the scarring's a drag. I'm around a week away from coming off this stuff. Can't say I'll miss it... but then, I shouldn't be too much of a misery-guts - I've not had a bad spot on my face since around day 40, which is gonna be pretty-much exactly four months ago when I come off this stuff. On balance, I'd recommened it to anyone who's really at the end of their tether with ance
  13. Day 148 Blahblahblah... nothin' changes but the weather. I have sixteen more doses of 30mg to take (including today's...), which'll take me to the 3rd of January. Thereafter I have lots of 20mg pills, but nothing smaller - so, do I stop taking 'tane (as is my dermatologist's advice...), or do I keep taking the 20s under-the-radar? Common sense tells me to listen to my doctor, but, then... Oh, who knows...? In other news - if anyone's looking for a way to lose 148 hours of their life, I can h
  14. Hey dude! Hope all is going well... !

  15. Here's an interesting consideration that came to my attention, recently... anybody out there heard of the 'Kubler-Ross model' (there should be an umlaut on the 'u', but I've no idea how to type one of 'em...), and the so-called "five stages of grief"? My studies led me to read about it, and as I began to apply it to my own recent experiences, it made some degree of sense... Here's a link to the Wikipedia article, for those who are interested: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/K%C3%BCbler-Ross_model