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  1. I haven't been active in this forum since I discovered Wai Diet. Here's the gist 1. Tried it for already 6 months 2. It works, the rationale behind acne is correct. 3. It is similar Paleo, the human diet since time immemorial The creator is rather private person, you won't see any picture of him/her. I don't even know the gender! Think about this.. 1. Why do Proactiv constantly pay celebrities shameless amount of money to endorse? Ans: Because their products only work short-t
  2. Jojoba Oil can't trick the skin into producing less sebum. Makeup do absorb some Oil from Skin but temporarily. Have to blot afterwards. Being rude to prove a point is marginally effective. If people can't accept it, let them be. The crux lies in the diet.
  3. Oh gawd. PLEASE DONT TRY weird supplements. This is coming from me who tried everything on Iherb.com. Nothing works for me. 1) Supplements are too troublesome to handle. I had to eat like 10pills a day. 2) Supplements are new fields. They are as new as when moderen-day DNA was discovered 50-60 years ago. I suggest caution at companies saying "XXX cures ACNE" At the end of the day you will see the label --> "Product do not treat any ...., consult your Doctor..." To treat Oily SKin cut down on
  4. Use a very gentile cleanser. A rule of a thumb Any Ingredients you see on the label that you do not understand, Don't but it. Sodium Laureyl Sulfate is very good at "cleaning" the Oil away. But it's too used for Kitchen Floors too. It does a great job leaving those floors Oil Free. Would you want that on your thin layer of skin? Recommendations Even Cetaphil is by far harsh due to chemicals in it. The ingredients changed throughout the years.. A gentle pure fat-based soap should be good. E
  5. I had 2 course of Accutane. My Acne came back and Oilyness came back after 3-8weeks of ending course. This is not to discourage you but there are successful patients on Accutane. My Advice (Take it with Pinch of Salt) 1. Wash 1-2 times daily with Non-Soap, Non-Preservative, Non-Mineralized/Chlorinated Water. 2. What is shown on the face is absolutely related to what food you eat. I suggest a good healthy diet.
  6. My Post will be succinct. Bio 22Male 68kg178cm Extremely Oily Skin (Copious Blackheads and Stuck Plugs, Resistance is Futile) Severe Acne to be on Accutane by 16 10 years of Antibiotics Normal Westernized Diet Sedentary Avoided the Sun I have tried all forms of diet, medications and cleansing methods. Oil Cleansing Method -- It's a drag. The science of Oil dissolves Oil is true but it's too troublesome for me and oxidised plugs are diffcult to be dissolved or cleansed entirely.
  7. congratulations. glad you are doing well. i started the same diet only to fallback into the high GI crap food for 2-3 times. Oily Skin returned. Be careful when you think your Skin can do with 4 slices of grease. The next day, WHAM. The worst thing is that the increased oiliness doesn't recedes till days or weeks. So be extra careful on that.
  8. when i am stressed, both of my hand itches. I have eczema and it happens all the time. Whether there is exams, a climax point in a movie or waiting for the results --- it always itches. When I'm oily at work I would probably use Tissues to blot out the oil. Washing refreshes me but i get weird stares taking a towel and lotion to the toilet (. not to mentioned getting wet on my sleeves. =/ sign.
  9. computer screen & sebum production can have correlation but definintely not causation. 1. what diet you have 2. what genetics you have if the sample size is n=1, i am afraid this could mislead worried forumers.
  10. My observations based on my own test 1) Avoided High GI Food (including Biscuits, Rice etc) Oily production level was manageable. My genetics is that I have a disposition to have Oilier Skin. With High GI Food Consumed for the past 20 years.. Oily --> Very Oily Tried Low GI for 2-3 Months, Skin became much less Oilier. I realled at 21, after a shower, my face would be oily in 30mins time. No joke. My back felt like "Ick" and my Hair was wetter than a wet carpet (due to Oil)
  11. hi waterboy. 1 qn. 1) do you roll to the point where points of blood are seen? (to what degree?) Here is the link to this amazing improvement this Thailand Girl Had. a) She did it deep in the skin. With Ana. (See how bloodied her face is) b) IPL was done. Although unneccessary c) Within 6mths, her skin looks much better
  12. MSM may be helpful but mostly what we take usually gets peed out if the Body doesn't need it. Just like Vitamin C. That's why taking Fruits rich in Vit C is essential (better) because the Pulp(fibre) keeps Vit C slow-releasing. Nutritional Deficiency is hard to account for. Taking Magnesium may impede absorption of other minerals. (Chemistry) Today's "Health" Companies push out many products so that you Buy them. For MSM, I felt it works only for a few. Like what Threadstarter mentioned,
  13. Breaking something before Fixing it will lead to permament damage to the skin. I have this Journal about Subcision by Doctors in Israel. PM if Interested. Journal + Subcision + Vacuuming = Much better result Since tears are made to skin by Subcision (similar to Rolling - Physical Type), body will heal. By healing what kind of healing you want? a) Heal back the Tethers b) Heal back but without the Tethers Logic : Vacuum gathers pool of blood above the Tether. The pool of blood discourage tether f
  14. Hi All. I am 21 Male. Suffered from Severe Acne. Did 1.5 course of Accutane. Didn't worked of course since Acne didn't come out from nowhere. It's from the food and lifestyle we're in Today.
  15. What I saw is a brochure and stuffloads of things that doesn't work. Trackmarks + Should go away within days. Depending on strength of rolling. - If you're on Roaccutane or after least 1 year. Skin is very "impressionable" meanwhile. - Nutrition deficient. Lack of nutrients make Skin Regeneration harder. Rolling creates stress. Ensure Body is primed for Scars Healing - Using Blunt Needles. This is very serious. Blunt Needles cannot puncture skin to remove tethers causing certain Scars. Th
  16. true. whichever active enzymes inside any stuffs could potentially rendered inactive or destroyed with Stomach Acids. Diet --> Supplements I have heave loads of supplements and I am starting to take them every 2 days. Too many Vitamins & Supplements to eat. But I felt my body didn't need the daily dose so I went every 2-3 days. Doing fine and Acne is getting better (though not correlated) I almost ordered Saw Pal @ iherb but looking at my Liver Detoxifier Supplements etc, I dou
  17. Oily skin will always be oily. Advantage of Oily skin is that it moist from "within" so your skin is supple as compared to Dry Types However most of us here have Excessive Oily Skin. I am 21 this year. And over the course of 3 years experimenting diet, topicals you name it, I realize this few guidelines essential to reduce sebum production Eat Natural/Organic. Anything Processed refrain from it Supplements For 1, I remembered finishing my Accutane course. Yes my Sebum Production (SP) lowered an
  18. Do email me @ [email protected] for queries. I hope I can help :)

  19. Agreed. Bashing only makes you look lesser. We are here to help and share opinions. Not to shove egos into people's mouth.
  20. I think it's a casual correlation. Almost all 90s and further get glued to the PC screens. And the advent of processed food contributes only to the current teen generation's acne problems. And teens today are more likely to snack and get obesed. Just take a look at world's population of obesity. Also, Liver overtaxed due to random and constant GI spikes by fast-acting carbs in large quantities. E.g, wolfing down a pack of extra value pack of Oreos' Double Vanilla within an episode of Ho
  21. Similar soap. Avaliable at iherb. Auromere Sandalwood Soap. About 2-3usd per bar. Shipping is like almost free. Just a few bucks within 2-3 weeks. I used it on my body later on my face cause my body oils really toned down by a lot. It doesn't "gets" to me anymore. It's very drying so not for Dry Skin *obviously* Oily skin users will see this a great product but of course it's pretty drying and has a heavy smell not many will like. But you'll grow into the smell. Trust me! W
  22. Biscuits (Oreo etc) Basically fast-acting carbs. 2-3 hours. Elevated oiliness can last up to a week. Note: It doesn't give me Acne. My acne is cured (see sig) but Oily skin persists. Correlation Fast carbs especially trigger it. Biscuits (Oreo etc) is one of the worst offenders. High Fructose Corn Sypup is the worst agent. Alleviation Eat Evening Primose Oil Supps. I ate for about 3-4 days (2000mg a day). Oiliness reduced by 20-30%. Disclaimer I know my body best.
  23. I tried just using Jojoba oil as I only had that bottle! For me, it made me breakout. First, it's too drying on skin. Turns out skin gets "oilier" to compensate for both 1) Dryness from Jojoba Oil 2) Irritation from antiseptic aspect of Jojoba Oil But it is my opinion and guess. It's better to balance "Attack" & "Heal" for OCM Method. Too much of a medicine will become poison. So does Jojoba Oil. As the many users' opinion, having a good mix is crucial. But note,
  24. A point to note: 1) Most satisfied users of OCM are likely NOT to return to update on their good progress 2) Most users that experienced breakout are highly likely to update on their breakouts Therefore a disproportional group that voiced in this thread are more geared to the negative side. If you've explored some popular threads here, you'll be surprised on how some posters "exaggerate" their breakouts. Please do not be put-off by extremities. But it's up to your judgement ultimately.
  25. Hi. Just bumping around. Can't help but to notice this thread. Intro I am Male 21. 02x Accutane course didn't help. Had suspected free Testosterone in my blood. What propelled me I believe Oily Skin is really a downer. On par with having pimples. Oily skin really gets under my skin. At my Oily peak, after 2 hour of shower, my back and face is shimmering like saran's wrap. To cut the chase, I did some supplements experiments and realize the following helped me to reduce 75% of m