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  1. Hi everyone! Well I've had pretty bad acne ever since I was 13 when I was 18 I started Accutane and when I was 19 I went off of it and have been clear ever since (about a year now! ). However, I recently got engaged (in October) and will be getting married in June! So I'm starting to think about which BCP to take. I don't need one to clear up my acne, since Accutane already did that, I just want to make sure the one that I take won't mess up my hormones and make my acne come back. What wou
  2. Day 64 (9 weeks) Hey! Well nothing too much has happened over the past 2 weeks. My skin does seem to be on the "healing" end of this whole process though which is awesome! Most of my actives are flattening out, so I mostly just have red marks now. Although I do still get active acne much more than is desirable. I had my derm appointment a couple days ago and he kept me at 60mgs, but said that next month it will probably be bumped to 80mgs, which I'm fine with. So long as I have clear skin whe
  3. Day 52 (about 7 weeks) Hey everyone! Sorry its been so long since I've updated. I got a sinus infection I get about one every year and let me be the first to say they royally suck!!!! So on top of my dry skin/lips, nose bleeds, and headaches, I had to persist through a mean fever, even worse headaches than before, sinus congestion (sp?), and everything else that goes along with sickness! Ok ok now the complaining is offically over for me! haha. My skin, however, does seem to be getting bett
  4. Hi mattsmom! Accutane is definately a big decsion. I put it off for a good year before finally getting frustrated enough with my acne to take the leap. 12y/o is pretty young to take this medication, however, if you've had multiple derms reccomend it then it's worth considering. I would talk to your son about it and see how he feels about the idea. I do use Dan's cleaser and moisturizer. I've been on Accutane about 1 1/2 months and his products are really awesome at combating dryness! Good lu
  5. Day 39 (about 5 1/2 weeks) Hi again! Ok well life has been going good, my face has been ehh. I do believe it is starting to get better though *knocks on wood*. My face doesn't "look" much better due to all the red marks, however when I touch it does feel smoother. The red marks are beginning to look less angry though which I'm thrilled about! Everything else remains the same. My skin isn't too dry, my lips are chapped (I ALWAYS have a coat of moisturizer on!), oil is gone , and thats about i
  6. 33 days Ok so I had my derm appointment and he knocked my doseage up to 60mg a day. So thats one 20mg pill in the morning and two 20mg pills at night. Sounds like a lot of pills haha, but I say bring it on! The more the merrier! Everything else remains the same... and so I wait.
  7. Hey! Congratulations on getting Accutane! I remember feeling the exact same way as you. Heck, I'm one month in and I'm still excited! Your skin looks good already so I'm sure once you finish up with Accutane it will be just perfect. Good Luck! and keep us posted.
  8. ONE MONTH! Yayy!! So excited! Not much to report besides that! My derm appointment is not for one more day, so I'm not going to be taking an Accutane pill tomorrow. I don't believe that will cause any type of setback in my treatment though. Thank you so much for all the info and support MerDub! I'm definately going to try what you suggested for moisurizing from the inside out, and nosebleeds (although I haven't gotten any the past 2 days *knock on wood*). And I never thought of baby oil for
  9. Day 29 (about 4 weeks!) Hello! I hope everyone had a fantasic New Years!!! I know I did haha. Thanks Vyana! Ok well my skin is not a happy camper right now. My acne is not improving at all yet, but still it is early and I have hope. Ugh.. yesterday I had a really bad headache (I know what your thinking but it was not a hangover headache! I dont drink which makes getting a hangover impossible lol). But anyways, its gone today, thankfully. Other than that dry lips is really my only symptom. I
  10. Hey Vyana. Good luck with the rest of your treatment! I'm sure you'll start seeing improvement very soon! I'm on Sotret as well (26 days in!) F/110 around the same age so I'm definately going to be following your progress! I'm so happy you have a supportive boyfriend to help you through this. I thought it was funny when you said he didn't understand why you were taking the drug to begin with as my sweetie has said the very same thing to me. haha. Good Luck!!!
  11. Day 26 (3 1/2 weeks) Hey! I know your all dying to know how my vacation went so I'll relieve your anticipation now! It went wonderfully I had a ton of fun (way more than I thought I would haha). The only downside was I had to share a room, which meant I had to sleep with my make up on for 4 nights. Yuk! And if it couldn't get worse than that, I forgot my moisturizer and had to use one I had never used before. Oh yes, my skin is angry at me. Fortunately, the prednisone worked its magic and my
  12. Day 19 YAYYYY! I got the prednisone!!! I'm very excited! Thats all for now! Nothing else has changed. Until next time, Merry Christmas!
  13. I can completely relate to you. I do sometimes feel like I'm wearing a mask, and that if I ever did not wear it people would react differently towards me. Honestly, yes some people would react differently, but those are not the kind of people that I want to surround myself with, as I'm sure you don't either. Just remember that those people who are worth having in your life will love you and respect you know matter what you look like (with make-up or without!). And if you ever need to vent or get
  14. Day 17 Hi all. Well theres not too much to report. Lips are doing fine so long as they are coated in Aquaphor/Burts Bees as I mentioned earlier. Skin isn't drying out too much, nothing moisturizer can't fix! Other than that I can't really tell if my skin is getting better. The acne is less inflamed, but as far as the number of active spots I have I don't think its changed at all. However, I know Accutane usually takes a couple months to clear skin up so I'm not worried at all. I am nervous th
  15. Day 14 (two weeks!) Hey everyone! I'm doing much better today. My cold is on its way out!!! My nosebleeds have yet to reappear. Dry lips continue to be a problem, but so long as I keep a layer of Aquaphor or Burts Bees on them, they stay nice and soft! The weird back pain I got when I laid down has almost completely gone away, and Dan's moisturizer is keeping my face soft and supple. Now if only I could get rid of the ACNE!! I'm calling my derm tomorrow to ask about the prednisone(sp?) for m
  16. Thanks Kimoko! I'll be checking out yours as well. Focal eccentric I've also been taking Dayquil and Nyquil... nothings gone bad so far and I read on Medscape somewhere that it should be fine to take them together. I've also been loading up on the Vit C! And I know what you mean I'm definately paying a ton more attention to the suppliments/medications/(even foods!) that I'm putting into my body! Hopefully we both get good results soon!! Update Ok quick update: (by the way I'm 110lbs, on 40mg
  17. Coming from another girl... If you didn't call her yesterday you should definately call today! Just ask her if she wants to go out on a date (like dinner, movie, that type of thing). If she gave you her number she is obviously interested. As far as being friends first, I actually prefer going straight to dating. Just don't move to fast, use dates as a way of getting to know her to see if the relationship is something you'd like to pursue exclusively. Good Luck!
  18. TMJ good luck with the rest of your course! Sorry about you break out a bit ago, I'm sure in a week or two it will be all healed up. As far as being clear by Christmas I think its definately a possiblity. From what I've heard most people clear up in month 2 or 3. Anyway I just wanted to stop by to say hang in there! It'll all be over soon! Good luck again!
  19. Day 10 Perrine: Its good to know that there are others out there going through this with me! I hope we both get awesome results (soon!). Good Luck with your treatment!! Alright, well the "throbbing" feeling I explained before has subsided a little bit which is great! Unfortunately itchy skin has replaced it... not so great lol. Other than that and of course chapped lips, there's no other side effects. My spots all seem to be drying up, but I am by no means clear yet. Off topic, I'm coming do
  20. Hey owen, good luck with your treatment! I know how you feel with all the hoops you must jump through to get the pill, its insane. I wouldn't be too nervous though. Most people don't experience any radical side effects. I've been on Accutane (Sotret) for 10 days now and all I've got so far is chapped lips, ichy skin, and a tiny bit of dry skin. Nothing unbearable for clear skin! Good luck again, I'm sure you'll be clear in no time!
  21. Good luck with your treatment! I also just started Accutane (Sotret) and its nice to read of people who are going through this process with me. Keep up that positive attitude and you'll be clear in no time. Congratulations on your improvement thus far!
  22. Good luck on your treatment Kimoko! I just started Sotret (40mg) on the 5th and I've been experiencing almost identical symptoms as you: chapped lips, ichy face (that ones annoying), not really any dry skin yet though luckily (I have a log too if you want to check it out). Acne type also looks very simular to mine, hopefully we'll both have really awesome results! Good luck again!
  23. I started taking Accutane about 10 days ago and I was just wondering if it was ok for me to take vit C while I'm on it? Thanks in advance!
  24. Thanks for info and support! I'm definatley prepared for the "it'll get worse, before its gets better" mantra. Day 6 (almost a week!) Ok, so now I'm starting to experience some side effects. My lips are getting chapped and look more red than usual. My skin has also started to dry out a bit, just where acne is though, not all over. Oil production seems to be less as I don't have to repowder myself every two hours anymore . My acne seems to be about the same as far as its severity goes (still