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  1. Isotretinoin has been shown do decrease many hormones; test, dht, hgh, igf-1, T3, T4 and so on. I have follow up information of only thyroid hormones T3 and T4 and they seem to come back to normal after discontinuing the drug. Have you found studies that show testosterone, dht and growth hormone follow up after discontinuing? And then to more worrying thing, androgen receptor decrease. One study found that there is 2.6 fold decrease in skin androgen receptors. I've not found a study that menti
  2. https://academic.oup.com/jcem/article-lookup/doi/10.1210/jcem.78.5.8175961 I found the whole study that says DHT in serum was degreased 14% from 5,5 to 4,6 nmol/l. That was after 3 months of ISO 0,7mg/kg. Not so significant that I thought.
  3. I'm not liking what I read ISO doing to DHT. I'm stopping ISO now. I ate 85 days * 20mg = 1700mg. Accumulated dose 18,5mg / kg (8,3mg / pound). Skin is ok. I'm not feeling any sides, not even skin or eye drying. The dose is low enough. I'm going to get my Dihydrotestosterone measured after month. I'm on TRT 175mg/week so I've good level of T to be converted to DHT. If I have problems with rosacea I'll find another way to take care of it.
  4. What about saliva? What amount of isotretinoin is found in saliva? Damn I regret much that I had to start ISO cycle now when wife is pregnant. Allthough it's likely not to cause anything to fetus, because amounts she received through semen and saliva are million times lower than oral dose and I'm on low dose 0,2mg/kg (20mg ed). I don't want any nanograms in her this time. I don't find any information how much isotretinoin decreases DHT and what happens to DHT after discontunuing the drug. I on
  5. You misunderstood. She was already pregnant before I started isotretinoin. I didn't know it could cause long term/permanent side effects. I read that it can lower testosterone but didn't find any conclusive as one study said it lowers test and one says it doesn't. I ate one cycle of isotretinoin 17 years ago when I was 16. I can't say if it affected my test/libido. Maybe, because I became more introvert. I Had quite little interest to girls and started sex life late at 20. After then I've
  6. Hi! My wife got pregnant before I started low dose isotretinoin (20mg/day). I read that very small amount of isotretinoin is found in semen. I'm worried if it could be harmful to fetus if my wife gets isotretinoin though my sperm absorbed through vagina? I'll use condom from now on, but we have had sex without condom many times and maybe 5-6 times I have ejaculated inside.