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  1. im not sure what thats means and its erupted the last 2-3 days my nose has gone red-its spread to the middle of my nose and its absalutely killing anytime i touch the centre of my nose : ( do you think accutane would push every piece of shit out of my face, nose.? whats the chaces my dad rung the hospital and they said i have to ring the doctors to make a new appointment for the hospital so i might just go private and get some accutane fast because this is so bad, i now have money to do stuff a
  2. nothing has worked for me so i dont know what will help it
  3. I thought it would of gone after roughly closing in on 3 years if not already.... sometimes the whole side of my nose will go red and flare up a bit, and hurt. its a bit like that at the moment as you can see in the pic the square marks the places and the smaller square the thing thats been there for 3 years. Ive had a few topics earliest one in june 2007 http://www.acne.org/messageboard/pics-t159...23#entry1923823 Here it is today- a few moments ago http://img90.imageshack.us/img90/3561/grrr.
  5. thanks for the reply-ive just given up there is really no point nothing has changed. its the same as if i didnt use anything my mum bought some tea tree thing before i used it for 3 days then went onto this. dont have hardly any money now either -still using the stuff but less as its not effected my skin one bit and im going to give up there is really no point. everything ive been given has done shit all to it dont worry about replying. no use
  6. wettest city in britain dont get to much sun im almost certain its just the stress i cant concentrate, get violent , feel lazy, useless, cant think what job i want and i do want 1 i just cant because of this. etc thanks for that ive only used it 3-4 so far i steamed for about 20 minutes each time and after it gently wiped my face with a piece of toliet tissue from the pack and once ive waited a few minutes then put bp on it ill do it when i get in from football tomorrow morning again there i
  7. havent really had time to come on here-feel lazy etc somehow dont know why my mum bought a facial sauna the other day so yerstaday i used it for roughly 20 minutes and just now i used it for 20 minutes not to sure how often im supposed to use it should i do the sauna for 20 minutes, wait 30 minutes??? then put some moisturiser on. or shall i put bp on right after ive wiped my face with some tissue after the sauna, then a few mintues later the moisturiser??--------UPDATE my mum said to use it t
  8. thanks for the replies im about to go to bed as im absalutely knackered somehow but i thought id do a quick quick reply and say thanks and ill reply longer tomorrow hopefully. my skin- nothing has changed really havent used the moisturiser for a while because i havent needed to no flaking etc. no nothing its very wierd and just makes me think cause it isnt doing anything to the cyst-if the bp i have is working or not... not sure so yeah thanks for your replies ill read them all fully soon then
  9. hey thanks for the long reply must of took a while we went to the doctor months ago and he gave me some weak tablets and booked me into the hospital, ive been back to the hospital 2-3 times now and the only option they will offer me now is accutane which I do not want to go on because of the way I am and its one thing. Dont want all those effects of it buggaring the rest of my face up Ill go take a picture now , few things popped up and something just above cyst on my nose. The cyst hasnt gon
  10. I didnt use any yerstaday because if would of made me not go to the football from making my nose all red and swelled up more than usual can only just about force myself to go as it is. Used it tonight though so back we go its about the same really, picture tomorrow night possibly. face just feels bit itchy.
  11. Basically the same today, I used the wipes and Bp before going out for around a hour, about two hours ago and didnt use the moisturiser I got back in and my skin was flaking I think below my mouth. So I dont know if that means its to strong for me at the moment or its allright , cant tell maybe. Ive noticed for past 2-3 days whenever i move my face to open my mouth it feels all tight so yep. Thats the update
  12. I found two of my products online but but included the 3rd, so if anyone knows of them will you tell me if they are any good please? About to use the wipes etc in 5 minutes Will update with a picture in this post- So here I am update Garnier deep cleanising wipes.-cleanses and unclogs pores. http://www.expresschemist.co.uk/product_26...ream-5-50g.html http://www.boots.com/shop/product_details....ationid=1017970
  13. Its bright red now and some of the areas in my picture which was red have turned into yellow spots I dont know if I should leave them or pop them, Ill try leave them and put the stuff all over my face again tonight. The cyst though grrr why has it gone bigger and mega red I hope it goes down I wont be going to the football saturday if its like this which means first home game I miss in 3 and a half years.
  14. might do a picture update tonight, nothing changed really apart from the cyst getting larger?-more bulky. as usual. few things popping up which the camera wont show etc.