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  1. only thing there is to do-exfoliate
  2. Hello everyone this thread is just to ask questions about baking soda I guess? I was wondernig if anyone could assist me. I recently purchased a box of it and read that it can cause skin to turn darker, does anyone have any experience? Does your skin stay darker forever?
  3. http://i276.photobucket.com/albums/kk11/rf...acnescar004.jpg is that a keloid scar? I made sure not to overpop my pimple but for some reason nothing has been going away. I tried applying evoo and BHA but it wont go away!!!! The worst part about this is the fact that its ON MY NOSE!!!!! I hope it doesnt look raised
  4. Ok so I remember reading that you have to pop the brownish pus out, then when you start to see blood you stop and let it bleed or w/e. Is this true? I did that and for some reason there is a god damned raised acne scar ON MY FRIGGIN NOSE. Im extremely worried that it wont go away because this has never happened before. Its really red and I havent really noticed any improvement.
  5. Apple or grape juice? Im thinking about buying a bottle and mixing it with acv in the morning cause I cant stomach acv waking up. Also I dilute 2 tbpns of acv in a glass of juice correct? Does anyone have any personal experience on if it tastes bad
  6. Can anyone recommend a good one? I heard how FOTE aloe vera clogs so I stopped using that. Then I used st ives vitamin e but I its too greasy. What is a good light moisturizer?
  7. Do you have to take it in the morning too? I simply cant stomach this garbage in the morning I wanna barf. So I just take a bunch at night before I go to bed. Well more like 2 hours before I go to bed. Also it can be used on cuts correct? Cause My lip is starting to bleed
  8. Wtf are you guys talking about exactly? Is it powder in 1000MG? Where do I buy this from
  9. SO are they still there? Argh I wanna get rid of them!!!!
  10. Well actully I think the middle scar was from me over-popping a pimple from 3 years ago and its been there ever since. These scars have been with me for more than a year. And im chinese jamaican. I wanna get rid of this, I was thinking about getting sandpaper to kinda shed down on it. Its really annoying to look at
  11. Thats on my nose and I have no idea how to get rid of it, wtf is it? http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v205/Smi..._vivi/edit1.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v205/Smi..._vivi/edit2.jpg
  12. I noticed results after about 3 months I guess. Its the BHA 2% gel from pauals choice. Use cetaphil gentle cleanser with a baby brush sometimes. It works well . paula's choice bha?! how long until you saw results? im using it now (for the 3rd time) but am sticking it out.. it's been 3 weeks so far. anywyas, that is so awesome!! really happy for you.
  13. THEN, 3 Months ago- http://i210.photobucket.com/albums/bb195/R...s2/85d07f8d.jpg Now- http://i210.photobucket.com/albums/bb195/R...s2/IMG_1834.jpg http://i210.photobucket.com/albums/bb195/R...s2/IMG_1836.jpg P.S My forehead isnt actually that oily. Its cause I have my product on. I took my pics while it was on. Its bha 2% btw . Hooray for me