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  1. Well I have to be if I'm going to appear in the book of world records in about 15 years ; )

  2. Ah, that sounds awful hun. Sorry I haven't had that happen. But sounds like you're doing what you should be doing. Don't let it get infected is probably the biggest thing. Hang in there.
  3. Geez... accutane is the last resort for people. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. You should be blaming your dermatologist if anybody if they didn't tell you that your skin would become more sensitive while on and after your course and that it was more vulnerable. That's why we have to stay out of the sun and coat on the sun block. I'm sad that you were one of the unlucky few that didn't have good results, I truly am, but the risks are clear.
  4. Start picking your nose so they'll have a reason to stare lol.
  5. Wow...made me cry. Beautiful person. Mind, body, and soul.
  6. Ugh that makes me mad, they put so many expectations n peoples heads that they have to be perfect when in reality, no one is.
  7. True true. It's the number one place for retirement, so that would explain it. I think it's getting to me though...I'm liking the turquoise. Ha

  8. New Mexico. Land of Enchantment...aka Land of nothingness.

    Oh ya that's been my life long ambition since I was a young one. Haha...not.

  9. Ever since acne I've had a problem with the eye contact, and if someone is too close I get really paranoid not because of my acne just because I've always had a problem with personal space. : /
  10. This is a really interesting subject. For me I've just always been depressed about my acne but being on it I'm so much happier. My skin is clearing, confidence rising, smile occurring more, and more eye contact. Maybe it's just like how some people get different symptoms. God that would suck if they banned it.
  11. You mean the brand? Idk, I'm trying to stay away from cheese at the moment but if I get to the store I'll look, oh wait I'm in the southwest so it doesn't matter. Sooo looks like you're the Romeo of this site...lucky you haha.

  12. Well I wouldn't want you to strain yourself ;)

  13. Why hello to yourself.

  14. i just started too and mine isn't all around redness but if I like touch my face with too much pressure or whatever It'll leave red for about a day or two.