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  1. ok, so i've been off of BP for a while now, and if anything my skin has gotten better. but i have made one connection. the only place i break out is around the middle of my cheeks and around my nose. i noticed that when i wash my face and take showers, this is the only area that touches the water. i'm thinking that even the water can break you out? everywhere else is clear where no water touches it (forehead, chin, outside of cheeks), so im thinking about not even washing with water? im not sur
  2. found a baby brush and willing to try this out. how long should you exfoliate (30 seconds im thinking?), and will it clear up red marks?
  3. Funny Name! n_n

  4. I am giving this a go. I was on the regimen for almost a year, and it did improve my face to a degree, but the redness was crazy. Every blemish that appeared would leave a nice brown spot on my face for months, not to mention the occasional chemical burn from BP. So far for a week and a half, I have not used BP, just wash with Dan's cleaner every morning and night. I've already seen an improvment in the redmarks and overall redness of my face, along with the zits. On the regimen, i would break o
  5. The same exact thing happens to me on occasion. I would cut back on BP, maybe not use it twice a day. I use it once a day and unless your acne is really bad it still helps a bunch. I've tried laying a cold, wet washcloth over my face and that helps alot too.
  6. Hey everyone, haven't updated in a while. So far things are pretty good. I'm on the regimen once a day so nothing gets too dried out, and things have been tolerable. Still have some redmarks, and might be considering ACV soon. But now that I;m in senior high, I was pretty surprised to see how many people actually have acne. atleast 1/5 of the entire school has it to some degree, with alot worse than me. That makes me feel kinda normal now knowing that everybody goes through this at one po
  7. Ok, so I have been using just Dan's cleanser and BP for a while and have had pretty good success keeping down the acne, but obviously the redmarks remain. If I do this cleanser, will I have good results with just the cleanser? Nothing else, my acne isn't severe so I don't need too much stuff but I was wondering if the cleanser can keep acne down with the same results as BP?
  8. rrgrgrgr. I'm running low on BP again so i'm only on the regimen once a day. My face has broken out like crazy, not looking good. I really hope the BP comes by this weekend so i can clear this all up. I still think I am using too much BP sometimes. How long does it usually take for most people to finish a tube? For me its about 3 weeks to a month, and i thnik i've been going through it way too much...anyway i'll still keep in touch with school starting soon. Later
  9. Crap. Well, this past week hasn't been very good, but it's from my own doing. I haven't been very consistant on the regimen, picking, and eating crap. Now, I'm trying to get back on track again, hopefully before school starts again I'll be clear
  10. Things are looking really good . My face is all clear except for a little breakout on my right side of my face because I didn't do the regimen in the morning this weekend. Other than that, my face is fine. Also, my redmarks from when before I started the regimen have cleared up about 95% since then. Hopefully I can still keep up and my face won't be too bad after another full week of hockey coming up.