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  1. Hey everyone. So I'm on my 3rd week on the regimen, been pretty good about following through with it and my skin looks really good, but I do have one issue. At night I use the 2 pumps of lotion, however, during the day my skin looks both dry and flaky BUT greasy at the same time (I was mixing 1 pump of the acne.org lotion with my SPF lotion during the day.) I decided to try just using the acne.org lotion at night and today I stopped mixing the acne.org lotion with my SPF moisturizer. I just used
  2. I like to use makeup as well. Like someone else said, the acne.org moisturizer can also be used to remove makeup (it contains jojoba oil). Just gently rub some on your dry face, rinse, and cleanse - like you would the jojoba oil. As an alternative, any of those "oil cleansers" you see at the drugstore can be used to remove makeup (the jojoba oil is basically one type of these). They're only on your skin for a short time so they won't break it out - just try to find one with no fragrance that has
  3. Yes I've noticed my skin is yellow also. I think you're right about the licorice root making the skin yellow. I just use makeup and it covers it nicely. If you don't like makeup, I would recommend maybe using it only at night and a different lotion during the day. If that doesn't work, I'd suggest getting a different lotion altogether and just adding some jojoba oil for the dryness.
  4. Hello everyone. New to these forums (I've visited them in the past but never posted.) 27 year old female with moderate acne (including cysts) on my face and back. X-posted most of this on the personal regimen logs but I know that's not the right place to ask questions, so that's why I'm posting here...My new regimen for Week 2 (2/21 - 2/27): Morning1. Cleanse2. Tone (I know most toners are a waste of $$, but she actually sells good toners with antioxidants and adds skin hydration, and I like th