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  1. You STILL don't have a picture ;)

  2. Well I didn't rub the sunscreen in fully. And I only applied to a very small part of my face. Could it be the sun that broke me out?
  3. I wouldn't do laser on your whole diaphragm and abdominals... It's gonna hurt and you might get skin cancer with that much of area. Besides, the cost is probably astronomical anyways.
  4. Look on the bright side, mate. God doesn't make mistakes. He has a purpose in everything he does. The girl probably didn't have much chemistry with you. Chemistry explains everything, mate. Can Lithium ever bond with any of the alkali metals such as Sodium? Never... why? Because they are both cations! They cannot covalently share electrons, nor can they ionically share...
  5. Well, I've been staying out of the sun for about half a month, but today was especially sunny hear in the UK, so I applied Neutrogena SPF 70 with Helioplex, and guess what! It broke me out Anybody have anything to share? Advises?
  6. Picture of whom, gorgeous?

  7. Great mate! You give me hope. I'm currently taking Z-pak. Hopefully I get great results too!
  8. Azithromycin is expensie for reasons: (1). It is less irritating to the GI than other ethromycins. (2). It is extremely potent against gram negative bacterias, such as P. acnes. (3). Though it is less frequently prescribed for acne than tetracyclines such as doxycycline, azithromycin is actually a competent candidate for acne antibiotic regimen.
  9. Sigh, I enjoyed social spotlight up to Spring, but then acne brokeout, and summer came... It's like pouring away a flame with wind blowing over it.
  10. I'm not trying to make fun of the subjects in the photos, they could be just as nice as you and I. Rather, I am just using their cases to show you how severe acne could be and how rare they really are - only 5% of male have acne at age 25. Acne Interactive Photos ( use the eMedicine Zoom View )