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  1. Today I'm on day 19 of 20mg of Zenatane, so middle of 3rd week. I was supposed to start on 40mg but when I went to my last appointment my doctor decided to start me on 20mg once a day, which I am completely fine with. I was scared starting this drug again at my age. Last time when I went on it at the age of 32, I was on 80 mg. I remember the body aches, nosebleeds and flushed skin were a problem for me. I know I had dry skin and chapped lips but they weren't bothersome, I also remember ho
  2. Hi everyone. This is officially my first blog ever. I've been reading blogs and other material I can get my hands on regarding adult acne over the age of 40. Yes I am 40 years old and still struggle with acne. I started breaking out at the age of 12. By the time I was 17 it was full blown cystic acne. It completely hurt my self esteem. I always wore face makeup to try and cover the mess. I believe I started Accutane for the first time when I was around 19 years old. It was a long time