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  1. Hey I can relate to what you are I’m in a similar situation but you have to hold on , nothings forever, and think it this way ,things are bad but they can always be worse I’m sure your life is better than those poor homeless people living on the streets, so don’t lose hope and look at the positive things of your life ... best of luck ....
  2. First of all thanks for your help, yes I’m indian but I’m living in Spain alicante and can’t find someone who does this do you now someone so I can talk to them and, it’s okay if I try tca peels will it darken my skin ? That’s my biggest concern (fear) thanks...
  3. Thanks for the advice the problem is where I live I just can’t find someone who does subcision I have been suggested laser co2 or tca but it’s okay if I give it a try right? And my biggest concern is will it darken my skin permanently yes I have Indian brown skin.....
  4. Hi I need some advice for my scars and red marks i went to a dermatologist and he recommended me tca peels medium to strong this is how my face looks likeand I am a bit scared on Monday she will be doing a TCA peel she said I need 2-3 peels to improve my face my biggest concern is that will it burn my face or make my skin darker permanently anyone with experience could give me any advice would be great..... thanks......
  5. You should change your pillow case every 2 days , change your diet no milk ,sugar and oily junk food try that for a month you’ll see improvement....
  6. hey thank you so much for all the info really appreciate it and yeah i have a appointment next week with a doctor who does all this tca peels so gonna be doing that and thanks again ....... hey tanks for the advice will try eating the whole fruit more often than the juice and yeah gonna be doing the tea peel and micro needling soon since every body here is saying but yeh i just cant do the laser hair removal i just love my beard and just cant loose that and not forever . so thanks again reall
  7. hey thanks, what you suggest its better to do it at home or visit a proffesional ?
  8. hey thanks really appreciate your help great advice, but can you just tell me how much will the tca , peels will cost and how much time it will take to clear my face, how much time it took you? will the tca peels only work for scars or also for my acne ? and if only for scar what should i do for my acne? and should i only wash my face with water, no face wash ? thanks again.... hey thank you so much for your help , i just don't want to take accutane so should i do the skin bleach aka h
  9. hi im 19 years old been suffering from acne from 11 I've tried out everything home products ( lemon, honey, acv, ....) I've also tried the acne.org regimen 2 years ago it cleared my skin but acne came back i have acne on the left cheek and scars on the right and i just don't know what to do i also back in january 2017 changed my diet its been 5 months dairy and sugar free (almost) , no alcohol ,I've been to dermatologist but they are very bad all they do is change the cream every 3-4 months i ha
  10. Harsh b

    Stops breakout but doesn't cure..

    Stops breakout but doesn't cure..

    I started taking zinc (50) and vitamin d3 (2200)tablets and vitamin c (1000 wit rose hip) twice a day it stopped breakout , in this two months I have had very few breakdouts that disappeared in 2-3days but it didn't do anything to my red marks on face it still looks the same when I started taking ...