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  1. hey, i know wot u mean. it's really annoying coz it looks like you got a greasy face. St.Ives do i day cream for normal/dry skin. it doesn't leave a shine for me!!!! try it.
  2. hi, whenever i use a new face product to clear my acne, i always break out!!!! so i stop using it and get a new one but i break out again so i get a new one and so on. i have used so many different products and its destroying my face. i have a couple that don't break me out but they don't do anything to clear my acne. i'm not sure what to use any more. should i just carry on using the product even if it breaks me out??? i've heard that it gets worse before it gets better. also i only use my pro
  3. has anibody read the post on oily skin dat the person put olive oil and vitamin e on their face and all the oil was gone in the morning???? can't remember were a read, it was quite recent i think. i really want to find it again coz i want to try it but not sure how to do this method. does anybody no were it is??? thanks x
  4. Thanks!!! but the scrub i brought (st.ives apricot scrub) doesn't tell me how often to use it. how many times a week would you recommend????
  5. hi, what's the difference between a scrub and a exfoliater????? how many times week should you use them??
  6. oops to late. . it made may face itch and burn and made be break out a tiny bit but my face was very smooth after. i dont recommend anybody to use baking powder!
  7. what is the difference between baking soda and baking powder or is it the same thing. i want to use it on my skin but don't have baking soda only baking powder.
  8. hi, i tried the ACV on my forehead for oily skin. it seemed to work but gave me a non greasy shine instead of a matte forehead. i only used it about 3 times and i've broken out into tiny tiny tiny bumps all over. has this happened to anybody else or is my skin too senstive?????? i mixed the vinegar with water but didnt measure how much.
  9. hi, i think i know what your talking bout,they are like skin bumps and just dont go whatever you use. well the only thing that has worked for me is my doctors medicine. its a gel and you apply it at night. after bout a month you should be clear. i recommend you visit your doctors.
  10. my nose is like that. it's all bumpy and nothing i use keeps it smooth. i don't think they are spots, just loads off little bumps. anybody have any ideas on how to get rid of them coz they're so annoyin.
  11. hey, i've only been on the regime for 2 days but my skin is all inflamed and red where i've put the bp. i look like a clown coz i'm only using the bp on the inner parts of my skin! it isn't itching but there is some flaking. is this suppose to happen? should i carry on with it. my spots have got worse.
  12. hey r they still for sale??????? willing to buy.
  13. hey, i'm really interested in the bp your selling but couldn't u possibly mail???? i live kinda near london.