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    Before and during treatment
  2. Thanks! I'll ask my derm about a new sunscreen. Woah. Small world. I live right outside of Houston in a nearby suburb!
  3. Yeah, your skin does look like it's red. I didn't want to say 'fine', but compared to my terrible skin, I wouldn't be complaining! Okay, so that sounded mean. I do think the DKR could help you out. Why not give it a try?
  4. I'm going to summer camp in about a week, and it lasts for two weeks. It's a YMCA camp near San Antonio, Texas. This will be my fourth year to go. We are outside pretty much ALL DAY long (except for meals and rest time after lunch) so there's a large chance of sun burn. I have been on the DKR for about 4 weeks, and have seen improvements -- my skin is smoother and there isn't as much active acne, but I still have tons of redmarks and my skin is still dry! I mosturize with Neutrogena Oil-Free Moi
  5. Well, I have a dermatologist appt. on July 5th, so I think that I will see what she says. She probably knows a little more than my pediatrician, so I'm hoping she can help. Is it a better idea for me to wait for her opinion?
  6. I never had bad acne until about February of this year and it has gotten increasingly worse! I started Dan K's Regimen about a month ago and have been seeing improvements -- my skin is smoother and there isn't as much active acne, but it's still red all over. I had a physical for camp (I'm going in a week and a half) on Friday and the pediatrician (I honestly don't know why my mom still has me see one... she says they have all my files) prescribed me Tazorac and Benzaclin. I haven't gotten the p
  7. I think it will irritate your skin more if you washed more than twice a day! Good luck!
  8. Okay, so I have been on the DKR for about three weeks. My acne has gotten a little better, and my skin is a little smoother. It was going better until my freaking hormones decided to revv up a couple days ago (uhh... they do every month... if you know what I mean...). But my skin is still wayy dry and is now getting rough! Aahhh! I've also noticed that it's terribly 'dull' now. for the most part, my skin used to be 'bright' even with the acne. I really hate this! When is my skin going to look GO
  9. Thanks all of you guys! I don't think I'll say anything to her, after all, I did say she could ask. Perhaps I'll just keep on the regimen and show her that I am 'doing something about it'. Revenge sounds pretty righteous right now, but I know that it will just come back to bite me later. *Sigh*
  10. My acne is pretty bad, but I started the regimen 4 days ago, so hopefully it will just get better from here. Anyway, I have a friend named Ashlynn who is complicated. I guess she says what's on her mind. She's the kind of person who will tell you to take a shower if you smell. So we were talking on AIM last night when she asked me if she could ask me a question that was "sensitive but based solely on friendship" (or so she says). I didn't think anything of it, and told her to go ahead. She then