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  1. I can't take B-Complex supps without breaking out either.
  2. You should probably take 1 DIM capsule w/ 1,000 mg of Taurine at each meal (3 times a day). Do not take all the DIM pills at one time...space it out. Seriously I think that people that are experiencing initial breakouts with DIM/Taurine are detoxing and purging. You have to keep pushing past this initial stage.
  3. I was applying castor oil to my face every night for awhile and it really helped with oiliness and preventing acne. I recently stopped because I’m now using some other topical creams (prescribed by a physician at a medical spa) to get rid of scarring. But, it’s definitely worth a try. Especially if you have oily skin.
  4. I think we should remember that with many acne treatments (such as Accutane and Retin-A) there is a purging period. Maybe what some of you all are experiencing is a cleaning and clearing out stage. It's something to think about before you get discouraged and give up.
  5. I had the same problem and it spread to the rest of my body: back, shoulders, chest, stomach. I think it might be too much iodine for those that are sensitive. And I know I'm sensitive. I can't even take a multivitamin with iodine without breaking out severely. I'd back off the fish oil and see what happens. I'm still recovering. But, I'm pretty sure it's the high iodine content.
  6. Yes, I leave it on all night. I don't break out from it at all. Really, really helps my skin. My poor doggy smells like castor oil because I give her kisses on her head before I go to bed. Ha, ha. That's right. You'll find castor oil in the laxative section at the store.
  7. So, it's almost the end of the day of work and I haven't a single drop of oil on my face. It's been like this for awhile now. Either I'm not oily from the DIM or it is due to the castor oil I apply to my face every night before bed. I can't remember when the oiliness stopped. Is anyone noticeably less oily since starting on DIM? I've been using castor oil as a topical for over a month now and it works wonders for drawing out gunk from the pores and healing acne. Hmm...I wonder if it is the c
  8. I truely share your frustration. I don't even tell doctors about the natural/holistic stuff I'm interested in trying. I know from experience that they just don't seem to be educated in that kind of stuff. If they can't prescribe, they probably don't want you using it. All of the detox products out there are not crap. We just need to be choosey with what we decide to use. Do your own research. We can't rely on doctors to do it for us. In their defence, there jobs are demanding as is. We can't exp
  9. You know what...I think that happened to me at first. That usually happens when I eat a lot of sugar at night. The headaches you describe within the first few days of taking DIM. Now that you mention this, my hangover headaches must have been due to DIM. I haven't had anymore headaches since the first few days. It should go away. Drink lots of water!
  10. are you taking any Calcium D-glucarate with it? Or does taking activemune product doesn't need any extra to make sure to cover the liver? How are your results so far? :) Yes, I'm taking CDG with the DIM. After doing some research on Estrogen Dominance, I found that the two are often suggested in conjunction with progesterone cream. But I have not worked up the courage to use progesterone cream. Probably won't without the guidance of naturopath. Also, as far as my results with DIM, my s
  11. How about Blue Corn Chips, such as this product: http://www.gardenofeatin.com/products/product/1076.php yellow corn products are (most likely) GMO (genetically modified) even if it says organic. But blue corn is generally safe as far GMO foods go. I've had these and they are good. I'm not really a chip person though.