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  1. Day 35: took about a 5 day break after the 30th day to the 31st day cause i was late on blood test.. i seem to be the same (i guess i dont really pay much attention anymore) i practically just know accutane is gonna work so i just let it take its course now Side effects: dont really get dry skin anymore, i still moisturize sometimes though. i tan like crazy.. lips are still getting dry (even during 5 day break) i feel weaker; less energy, weaker bones/joints
  2. Hmm I havent had any time for this site so here goes with the updates Day ? (just count the days of my last post): seems like my cheek freckles are getting lighter.. My chin is back to being big, its like a rollercoaster.. just a pimple on each cheek and thats all for me Side Effects: very dry skin, i would wash my face and 2 mins later as everything dries, my face becomes like winter wonderland. i would have to wash my face again with water + scrub with towel and moisturize like crazy with my
  3. Day 9: see my pores on my nose getting smaller.. chin stopped growing but is still big.. 3 big pimples total on left cheek none elsewhere.. no change really.. just the aftermath of yesterday after popping them (i cannot NOT pop them simply because i work in a retail clothing store in a high generated mall) cannot walk around with whiteheads. Side Effects: still dry lips.. dehydration.. getting sore throat, doubt thats the case of accutane though.. and fatique.. upper back aches..
  4. Day 8: grew 2 big zits on my left cheek, one of them looks like a blood clot.. my chin area is starting to grow again after it went down.. =( Side Effects: still very dry lips.. and dehydration??
  5. Day 7: everything seems like back to day 4 (better than the last 2 days) Side Effects: very dry lips! i put on blistex like 12 times today. also have been getting minor headaches
  6. Day 6: pimples around chin area went down quite quick.. could be signs of only sleeping a few hours that night maybe? Side Effects: dry lips! very uncomfortable!! downing my 7th pill in an hour =D one week down!
  7. just uploaded a pic on my accutane blog, what you think? is that going to break out? thanks
  8. Day 5: woke up with 6 pimples!!! all around chin area WTF!!! Side Effects: dry lips
  9. Day 4: Grew a pimple on my right cheek Side Effects: dry lips
  10. thing is my face is just scars.. think about a road with potholes.. and then u cover the road with a sheet of glass.. you can still see the potholes but the surface is flat.. thats how my face is.. under the first lawyer of skin u see everything underneath.. but im smooth.. do you think that will break out? cause i never took medication to flaten out my zits
  11. Day 3: no change Side Effects: feel the peeling feeling on my lips even though theyre fine, its gonna be dry soon.
  12. hey i didnt help to notice but the first pic in your timeline seems like everything is underneath the first layer of skin.. does that mean they all popped up in the second pic? cus mine is way more mild than yours but does that mean im goin to break out too?
  13. Day 2: grew another small pimple on my upper lip, pimple on my left cheek never left yet.. Side Effects: lips are a tad dry, nothing major.. even licking lips would be fine.. 3rd pill in an hour!