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  1. I've been dealing with cracked lips on and off for a month or two now and I've tried everything from chapstick to olive oil..even baby butt ointment LOL all that gave only mild relief. This hydrocortisone ointment is amazing My lips after just a hour feel soo much better. Thank you for the info!
  2. I also experienced redness. It sucks, but in the end; once the pimples are gone..It's worth it. And once your skin is used to the bp it will return to the normal coloring. You can use makeup over the redness. As for improvement..there is nothing except to wait it out.. Yes I know it sux, as I had to endure the same thing.. Just tell ppl that it's a allergic reaction or that u have roscea..lol It seriously works, rather than having to explain the situation. :smile:
  3. rounduptime

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    Using Bp with other diff. facial aids.
  4. Just take a Q-tip and get a blob of bp on it..apply blob to the bump 3 times a day..will be gone b-4 u know it..*I have the same prob..and after it's gone u should still put a blob of bp there bc otherwise the pimple may decide to reform there..
  5. Ok, let's make one point. My skin is pretty much clear from using bp gel, I only have 10 almost gone bumps from what used to be pimples and some mild acne scarring. I hardly break out anymore except around that time of the month (obviously). But the problem is that now my face has a flush (I think it's just a natural flush) but people keep asking me if I have a sunburn. AND I DONT! So do you think people w/ a natural flush are ugly..And if so, what should I do to remedy this?...or is this a goo
  6. Thanks for the info! I've recently started taking: antioxidant, regular teen's vitamin,biotin,green tea, and a perscribed acne medication..Im also starting to drink less pop and more water..Seems to be helping alot!
  7. they are treating each blemish individually...I've always used 10% bp gel. What I meant by Dan's regime not working for me is the products he recommended for the cleanser and moisturizer burn my skin!
  8. Ok, I know it isn't following Dan's regime exactly but his just irritated my sensitive, extremely acne-prone skin. So for anyone who needs help w/ finding good products for their regime can look off mine if they wish. As hopefully it will help someone! Morning ________ Wash w/ neutrogena's facial bar (normal face one, not sensitive skin one) Lightly pat face dry w/ towell Use Clearasil's Pore Cleansing Pads (the one w/ aloe, it says aloe on it) Wait for face to dry Apply bp
  9. yes your skin will end up smooth...but you will need to use vit. A once your skin is clear (to get rid of the red scarring from popping pimples)
  10. globbed on the 10% bp and it made me look sunburned untill my skin got used to it..after about 1 week
  11. Ok, just want y'all to know about my discovery..I have had probs. for quite awhile on finding a good moisturizer..finally one day I noticed a tub of vasaline sitting in the bathroom. So i put I on and patted my face w/ a unscented facial tissue. Seconds later...viola, I looked clearer than ever..and hydrated w/ smooth skin!..only Im curious..vasaline doesnt clog pores does it..as long as I've used it (about 2-3 weeks now) my face has remained clear except the 2 monster scarred zits that have rem
  12. I think the bp is only making your skin red is bc your skin isnt used to the bp, that your putting on too much on, that you dont moisturize enough, or that the moisturizer your using isnt good.
  13. I always experience redness after putting on the bp and moisturizer and I always go by dan's directions. Sounds to me like it's either the moisturizer or cleanser you're using may be the source of your problem..however the next time you do the treatment wait about an hour and see if the redness has changed. b/c I freaked at first when my face was red but now I know it just lasts around 1/2-1 hour...