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  1. I didn't use it last time and my nose is/was very oily. Can this be way it didn't make much improvement? It didn't scab by itself. Will use it for the next cross.
  2. How long do you think I should wait between crosses. Is 1 month good for the nose area? Thanks!
  3. I have performed TCA cross on ice pick scars and enlarged pore scars on my face and I have seen great success so far. The ones that are not on my face are like 90% gone but the ones on my nose are more stubborn. Like 30% improvement maybe. Are ice pick scars on nose harder to improve and if so why is that? I have only done 1 treatment so far and will wait 4 weeks after I applied the TCA to do it again. 1 treatment seemed to do miracles for the rest of my face but as I said the nose is a lot more
  4. I'm 20 years old and have some scars due to terrible cystic acne. My question is if it is better to try to fix your scars when you are young and your skin heals better and faster(is this true?), than doing it later in your life when your skin is older, looser and don't heal very fast? I'm doing TCA cross and dermarolling 1mm with great results so far. Thanks!
  5. Just got my MSM cream last week and been using it on places where I have done TCA cross and 1mm dermarolling. Never had much success with dermarolling otherwise but since starting to use this cream it looks like my scars are filling up fast. I read on another post about a person who used it on his/hers acne scars saying they filled a crater up. I didn't buy it honestly it sounded too good to be true. Anyway I bought it cause it couldn't make the scars worse at least. After some days of applying
  6. Update: This is not a cyst, nodule or anything like that with active acne in it. It's basically just some form of scarring deep underneath the skin. It's the result of some very very bad cystic acne I luckily only had for a couple of months before being put on accutane. I had these two ver very big cysts. One on the right cheek and one on the left. It wasn't like normal cysts either cause they turned the skin color into grey. Had no idea wtf was happening and never seen anything like it before.
  7. Very unclear post. You have been on accutane but your are scared once you stop it will get back? Wait what. Are you on accutane or not? Are you implying that accutane creates your suicidal thought or acne is? If you mean the latter your post title is very missleading... Your whole post is basically just one looooong sentence. I don't think acne may be the root to your ruined grades. Sorry I don't mean to be rude just trying to help but could explain a little more accurate what your problem
  8. Ok I was on 25 or 30mg can't remember and for only 3 months. It god rid of my acne forever. But then again it depends what size you are male/female etc.
  9. I feel for you mate. You are right I don't live with permanent side effects but I did live with the side effects and are very familiar with extremely dry skin thus becoming really red and it looks like you are blushing the whole time. Really embarrassing I know. I'm also very familiar with using bottles of moisturisers just to keep your face from not drying out. Saw your picture in the your "post accutane effect" and that looks really annoying. Haven't seen anything like that before. Still look
  10. Update on my TCA cross. As I mentioned earlier I did TCA cross on my enlarged deep pore I had on my forehead. I did it as a test spot before moving on to my other icepick and boxscars. Anyway the scabbed fell off 2 days ago and it looked bigger(wider, think I applied some TCA outside the scar also) at once but like I said not deeper, it almost looked a bit shallower and was very red. Now 2 days later it seems to have filled up about 50% and all I have done is kept it moist by applying cream morn
  11. I realized that my previous reply was not really respectful, sorry. Of course this is a thread about people who suffering from longterm damage from accutane and that's really sad that they have to go through this. I guess it's a tough price to pay to get rid of your acne forever. You can discuss wether it would be worth to get rid of cystic acne and be left with some longterm side effects or have cystic acne for the rest of your life and don't live with side effects though. Personally I would pr
  12. Can we share some positive experiences from accutane here? I took it for 3 months at a pretty low dose and it did wonders for me. Had terrible cystic acne just awful and nowadays I just get a pimple here and there. The side effects were only temporary while I used the drug now I'm just like I was before. It is a powerful drug who will change peoples life. It's just important that you use the right doses otherwise it can leave you with permanent side effects. I reckon the people who have perman
  13. Hi! I have this deep boxscar which is about 0.7cm long and 0.5cm wide, it's located on my left cheek and was the result of some very bad cystic acne. Anyway I read about tethered scar and I'm a bit confused. Like when you pull the skin in one direction, if the scar doesn't even out it is tethered if it does even out it's not tethered. Is this correct? My scar evens out when I pull the skin but you can still see a little little bit that there is a scar there if you look closely. So I'm not sure w
  14. Hi! I'm just curious. I read everywhere that TCA cross should be applied with a wooden toothpick. I think that wood absorbs most of the TCA into the wood and by using a plastic toothpick you don't get this problem of "wasting" the acid. Is it perhaps another reason people use toothpicks made out of wood that I don't know about. Cheers!