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  1. It looks fine. It's a good color match and has a nice texture as long as I don't use too much. I'm not sure if it's quick to apply.
  2. They're the ones I listed. The Estee Lauder is a thick liquid. It's slightly darker than my skin tone, but it was the lightest I could find. I use it both under my eyes and on pimples. The base I'm using, Everyday Minerals Intensive Base, is powder. It matches my skin tone better. Edit: I do like the consistency of the concealer. It has a tad of moisturization, which helps both with my undereyes and the flakes around healing acne.
  3. I'm not that lucky. I have to cover greater than half my face with concealer. Might that be the problem?
  4. Thank you! The main problem I've had with correctors is that the color shows up on my skin. I'm very fair. That's the only explanation I've got. Edit: My concealers do not contain SA.
  5. I prefer just lip gloss, but when I do wear some other makeup, concealer looks so fake. It makes me not want to try at all. I use a dab-and-blend technique to put it on. I like Estee Lauder's Smoothing Creme Concealer, but the color match isn't exact, so I might try using a heavier hand when applying my Everyday Minerals Intensive Base over "areas of concern." (This is what a makeup salesperson called my broken out areas.) What do you think I might be doing wrong? The concealer looks fine around
  6. Oops, I meant the profile picture I have up on the site I met the guy on. Thank you! I can work with that.
  7. How much makeup do you wear on dates, specifically first dates? I'm going to a coffee bar. I mostly just want to look as good as I do in my profile picture, which was taken without makeup, but when I was clear.
  8. BP, Duac, Tazorac, any cleanser, any moisturizer, and any sunscreen I tried. There were a lot. I know I tried a lot of Neutrogena, Aveeno, and Cetaphil products. All the home remedies I tried were a bust too. I tried jojoba oil, aloe vera gel, petroleum jelly, aspirin masks, and sugar scrubs. My face just stayed red and itchy and awful until slowly switched over to Paula's Choice. It took awhile to go away even then. Maybe try PC slowly and see how you like it. Some the products work for me
  9. I used to have very sensitive, red, itchy skin, but now my skin doesn't react like it's sensitive at all. Using Paula's Choice products has really helped. I think their main benefits to sensitive skin are that they're fragrance-free and contain many soothing ingredients.
  10. Warning—I'm not sure if I would try this with Accutane, but it does help with the sweat: I don't sweat excessively because of Accutane, but another medication. However, I also sweat heavily on my face. My doctor has me using Drysol, a prescription antiperspirant, on my face, specifically my forehead, because of this. It works pretty well and hasn't broken me out. It is 80% alcohol, but it's worth it to me to stop the sweat. I haven't had any peeling or redness, and I'm using it with a retinoid.
  11. Honestly, I'd see a doctor about it. It doesn't sound like acne. Even if they do surgery, it will be very minor. My acne cysts last between several weeks and several months and are always red and painful.
  12. You might not necessarily need a daytime topical. I'm going without a daytime topical for the first time since I started my second wave of breakouts in 2007. I'd tell you it's going great, but I'm still experiencing an IB from Differin, so I have no idea.
  13. My face gets red and acne get more swollen and painful when I wash. I've tried all temperatures and different cleansers. This just happens. I try to ignore it. It goes away in a few hours.
  14. Try a different moisturizer and/or wait longer between applying the moisturizer and Tazorac. The formulas just aren't meshing.
  15. Duac plus a retinoid was really tough on my face. Cutting out Duac helped a lot, and I found it wasn't benefiting me anyway. Maybe talk to your doctor about discontinuing Duac. If your face suddenly gets worse, you can always go back on it.