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  1. oh my god! It looks so painful! I'm praying for him. I just can't wrap my mind around this, it's so awful.
  2. It honestly doesn't look that bad. Just don't mess with it anymore.
  3. I went to Whole Foods today to buy more veggies and fruit for my smoothies! My skin is looking great! I am so glad I found this thread more than a year ago. A couple weeks ago I went a week without drinking these (didn't have time to get veggies) and I had a small breakout. So I know these smoothies keep my skin clear.
  4. Yes it did. I was clear for a year on Yasmin and Evoclin. I started using this stupid aveeno face wash and I have been breaking out since

  5. I've been using evoclin for a little more than a year. I'm not sure if it works as well as it used to. My skin looks really good now, so I'm not sure which product in my regimen works the most! Did evoclin work for you before it stopped working?

  6. How are you liking the evoclin? I used to use that. It cleared me up but then I grew immune to it

  7. woah! I see so much improvement Molly! Keep it up!
  8. I've started drinking these again for the past month and a half. I stopped at the end of summer (I don't know why) and I was so stressed out because my skin got pretty bad again, but now my skin looks the best it ever has in a long time! I breakout here or there, but it's def. not that bad! I love these smoothies!
  9. I've had acne long enough to know which pimples I should pop and which pimples I should leave the hell alone... If you do pop a pimple then wrap your fingers in tissue or use que tips. And remember that neosporin is your popped pimple's best friend!
  10. Shaving your pimples?! That sounds very painful Molly!
  11. Haha that's so cool! How is it working for you? Do you go to the face reality clinic? Wish I had a good clinic like that here in PA!
  12. I was just wondering what ingredients were in the cranberry cream from face reality skincare. Are there really cranberries in it? Lol! Sounds like it smells good haha
  13. I love this lotion. I have pretty sensitive skin and it doesn't break me out and doesn't feel greasy. My skin has actually improved A LOT since using this. I hardly get any breakouts, but when I do they heal faster than before.
  14. I love this mask. You can use it 2-3 times a week as a mask. Damp your face and leave it on for 15 min. I use it mostly for spot treatment overnight. It helps my active acne heal faster.