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  1. don't let these people tell you that "wearing makeup makes you look like a fag" that's ignorant and stupid. I wear makeup and it boosts your self confidence like no other. And if someone finds out, who the hell cares? If you're secure enough with who you are it shouldn't matter at all. BREAK DOWN THE GENDER STEREOTYPES! Anyhow, I use Almay makeup, and it's really nice because it doesn't rub off at all and blends pretty well. And if your skin isn't too bad, just wearing a concealer on the spots
  2. So i read somewhere about using Milk of Magnesia to reduce the redness and oiliness on your face. Has anyone given this a try? did it work? I just started to do this and am wondering if i'm wasting my time. Thanks!
  3. hey Arley23. have you ever tried using the ACV on your face? I've tried the ACV a couple of times and never really had success either time. It might be because I would keep forgetting to do it or not want to because it burns so much and give me heartburn, but now, since I'm going for this all natural regime (only using water to wash face) I was thinking of giving the ACV another shot. When I tried it I dabbed a little diluted ACV on bad spots and it seemed to dry it out somewhat. Just curious if
  4. i would suggest not rinsing at school. you should only be washing your face twice a day max or else you'll irritate your skin. And, again, no soap; it's too harsh. use a very gentle cleanser and do not rub too hard. And when you're drying your face, do NOT rub; you should be patting the skin down gently. I think it all come down to just be more gentle with your skin because it is delicate. And I am seeing some improvement. I think you'll be fine. You're young, acne is normal for someone your
  5. so I just wanted to say that after using Crest's Pro-Health toothpaste for a while, I notice that I was breaking out more than usual around my mouth. So i stopped using it, and the breakouts stopped. Therefore, I concluded that Crest Pro-Health Toothpaste makes me (people) break out.
  6. yeah I had a derm that told me to just use water. I did it for a while, but honestly I didn't see any improvement nor did it get worse. I don't think it's a cure, but i do think that you'll see the same results if you use all those cleansers
  7. yeah i totally know what you mean. i'm mentally exhausted from trying everything there is to try, and i'm just about to the point of just letting this acne run its course until it just goes away on its own. yeah, it sucks ass
  8. personally, i'm against antibiotics altogether, and your acne seems very mild. I'm sure a topical will clear that right up .
  9. Been there done that lol. The derm is ok. Take it from someone who's been to about 6 different ones throughout my acne journy. I highly doubt they'll give you accutane (unless your acne is incredibly severe which i doubt it is). Depending on your situation, they'll probably either prescribe you some topicals or some oral antibiotics, or a combo of both. To be completely honest, most derms don't really seem too concerned with your situation unless it's extremely severe. They may give you like
  10. I've been away from acne.org for a while, and have decided to return because I have yet to see ANY progress in my skin. Just as the acne on my back was going away, BAM! and it's right back. Not only that, but I'm getting it on my chest now. WHAT IS GOING ON???!!! I'm 21, about to graduate college, get a real job, and I still feel like I'm still in my awkward puberty phase! I have been trying to not let it get to me, because I have realized that there is absolutely NOTHING that i can do to i
  11. So i'm considering doing the Glycolic Acid peels to get rid of these red marks i have. What are your guys' opinions on it? has it worked for you? any advice on this would be helpful. Thanks!
  12. yeah so i concluded that it's actually not a zit but rather a cold sore haha. they're just as bad though if not worse. so going to get some abreva.
  13. Ibuprofen that's a good idea I'm gonna take some right now. Thanks!
  14. OMG this freakin' SUCKS! I have this enormous zit on my upper lip that has caused my lip to swell. There is no whitehead, so I can't squeeze it. Worst of all, I have 2 parties I'm planning on going to tonight, and I don't know what to do! DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY IDEAS ON HOW TO MAKE THE SWELLING GO DOWN???? And really qickly? being that the parties are in 2 hours