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  1. Thanks Hapamom for the tips! I can see my dark marks are shrinking in size already just based on my current regime (Paula's BHA at night, lemon juice sometimes in the morning). They are shrinking very slowly though; at this pace it'll probably be another 6 months before they're totally gone. The scary thing now is the possibility that every new pimple I get in the future will leave a brown mark and take a long time to disappear. I try and avoid fried foods and sweets like chocolates as much as p
  2. Thank you faintx! You've helped me put a name to my condition, which apparently is called PIH (Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation). That's a huge step, since it means I can start researching into the various treatments. Reading up on the condition, it seems I'm already using on a daily basis products that should help with PIH, such as alpha and beta hydroxy acids (I use Paula's Choice). I see that it may take a few months for PIH to go away, so it may just be a matter of patience. If my current
  3. Hey Ashley: Thanks for the advice! I use lemon juice already actually from time to time on my face. For me I just cut a small wedge, squeeze the juice onto my hand, and just apply it on my face. So far it hasn't worked for the brown spots left behind by my pimples though. I wouldn't call them acne scars, just that, brown spots. Also as mentioned, I never would get them after a pimple went away, only starting a few months ago. It's really wierd, it's like my face is no longer regenerating after
  4. Hi guys: I'm 33 and still get the occasional pimples, mainly when I eat fried or oily foods. Anyhow, up until a few months ago, whenever a pimple went away, that was the end of the story, no trace on my face that it existed. However, starting 3-4 months ago, all of the pimple I've had since left a brownish round mark on my face when they went away. At first I thought they were just temporary marks, but after 3 months and still not seeing the earliest one dissipate, I'm starting to get worrie
  5. Hi: My bottle of Vivant 15% Mandelic acid ran out, so while on the hunt on eBay for Mandelic acid, came across a 18% Mandelic renewal acid (company is Dr Wu). Has anyone tried this product, or if not, a 18% serum before? I'm hesitant because 15% is always the level I use, and only the Vivant brand. I'm using the Mandelic acid mainly to fight black heads and enlarged pores. Seems to have some effect on the former. Thanks,
  6. any luck with your enlarged pores? im trying needling- no results 1 month in

  7. Wow I'm just like you in every way! People think I'm gay, I have to wear makeup on my nose as well to hide the shame. At least you're not alone!
  8. Actually, Wanka was saying how in the end, outer appearance does matter to a girl, just like it does to a guy, or anyone else for that matter. It's human nature to be affected by what we see visually. Now, I do think that once a girl/boy hooks up and love develops, than that love can overlook changes in one of the mate's appearances, whether it's getting fat or less attractive. But in order for that love to develop in the first place, attraction must develop first, and outer appearance unfortuna
  9. Yep, when I read this thread, "spam" jumped out for me. If I'm wrong I apologize, but personally I won't be trying this so called masque.
  10. I'm totally in the same boat as you TrappedandLost. I'm 30 and have never had a girlfriend either. When I was younger I wasn't a bad looking guy, but over the years acne, along with a heck lot of other things, took its toll, and now I feel I'll never have a gf.
  11. My nose is so bad I've resorted to putting concealer over it whenever I go out for the last few years. Beat that!
  12. I have similar scars as the OP, and am actually considering doing a TCA cross myself on some of those pits.
  13. That's a great point! I've been tackling my skin issues (specifically blackheads) for around 3 years now. Any change definitely comes slowly.
  14. Thanks for the nice summary eyeboy! Just to share another store that sells TCA, here is one: http://www.ezpeel.net/category_s/3.htm Their strongest seem to be 50% though, which probably makes a strong TCA peel and more mild CROSS.
  15. They look mostly just like enlarged pores to me...