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  1. I have had this acne scars for about 7 months after having acne for about 9 months. My acne is now under controlled and I only have pitted acne scars now. I was wondering if microoneedling done by a dermatologist would help me get rid of my scarring or help me get rid/improve about 70 percent of them. I have also been under retina a for 5 months now.my scars also look worse or better depending on the lighting so keep that in mind when you look at the pics.
  2. Hey Do whatever your dermatologist tells you.Make sure you talk about scarring.Your acne will eventually clear up but you can still get scars even if you dont pick at your acne so talk to your dermatogist about that. Scars are much worst than acne alottt worse.
  3. Have you tried tretinoin cream?It did the trick for my acne.Now I only have scars.
  4. Well I went to the dermatologist already and she said they were scars.Mostly boxcar and rolling.But I'll take some more pictures in different lighting.
  5. They actually are scars
  6. How bad are my scars?I have a few more in my left cheek but not as bad as this cheek.What can i.do to get rid of them or reduce at least 80% I only have had them for about 6 months and I'm already using retina A. Also the light is this room makes them look somewhat better.they look different in different lighting.