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  1. I think all the girls on this message board understand. Buuut, look at it this way, you can wear make-up! Unfortunately, there is a lot of negative connotation if there is a guy who covers bad skin with make-up, but as a girl it's perfectly normal. Give it a try, and see if you feel more confident.
  2. I have been researching digestion and absorption problems lately, and someone pointed out on another thread that low stomach acid might be a big problem related to acne. Here is a great article that summarizes everything nicely. http://altmedicine.about.com/cs/digestivep...ms/a/LowHCL.htm I was also wondering if anyone has been taking Betaine HCL, and if it made any improvements. Please share any experiences or suggestions!
  3. Just don't think about it. The thing is, he might have already noticed that you're in the process of clearing your skin and didn't care. Also, people who don't have acne might not even think of it in the same way you do. For us it's a big part of our everyday life, for them it might just be some minor, irrelevant thing. But if he does have a problem with it, you wouldn't want to date a shallow person like him, would you? Just have a good time!
  4. Everyone seems to think about healthier diets in terms of 'giving up stuff'. But are you looking at what you're gaining? You will have clear skin, you will become leaner, you'll sleep better, you'll look better, you'll feel better, you will BE better. You're giving up unhealthy food, but you're gaining pretty much everything else. Just think how all the things you gain affect other aspects of your life. But the thing is you don't really have to give up these foods. I mean, it's not like for the
  5. Thanks for the info guys. I think I will give digestive enzymes a try. The bottom line is that I know something in my body is not functioning well, and it's very frustrating because there are so many things that can go wrong.
  6. I think I just have weak digestion in general. I haven't looked much into it, but I think that's the problem. Sometimes I get stomachaches and just feel tired after eating. I've also been taking vitamins but again I don't think I'm digesting and absorbing them well. A vitamin B complex I take seems to go right through me since it turns your urine bright yellow when you take too much. I've been following the direction and I drink about 2 liters of water a day so it really got me thinking that it'
  7. I was thinking of trying digestive enzymes because it seems digestion might be a problem for me. For those of you who use enzymes and have had good results, which kind do you use? The two I was leaning towards trying are the Enzymedica Digest Gold or the Garden of Life Omega-Zyme. They are expensive, but I think price has to do a lot with quality. In any case I want to see what has worked for you guys before dropping about $50 on something.
  8. Hmm... that does seem a little fishy (haha). My guess is that some unsafe ingredient has been added to it. Try to look for well made cold pressed fish oil so you know you're getting optimum nutrients from it. Also get liquid fish oil, it's generally cheaper. Try the Health from the Sun brand. That's what I've been using and getting good results with. http://www.vitacost.com/Health-From-the-Su...ish-Oil-8-fl-oz
  9. Well... there is chlorine in tap water unless you have a filter. This is a tricky question because the water you wash your face with might already have an effect on your acne. Pools obviously do use more chlorine than tap water but it's not likely that it will have a bad reaction on your skin, unless you plan to spend hours underwater.
  10. But you forgot veggies! Don't you realize how hard broccoli is to digest?!
  11. I think a lot of people struggling with acne have this problem. I pretty much have to wash my hair daily so it doesn't get oily. But 2 days ago I tried a shampoo bar. Today my hair is still not oily! I'm thinking I could go 3 days without having to wash it, which is definitely a plus since over washing dries your hair out. This is what I use. You could probably find it at most health stores.
  12. There are things you can do to see if you're allergic to something besides a blood test. Have you heard of kinesiology? It's a little out there and I personally haven't tried it, but if you're interested research it a little and it might help. Another helpful thing is to test your pulse. On an empty stomach first take your pulse, then eat the food you want to test. Make sure it's only 1 thing. After about 10-15 minutes take your pulse again. If there is a big increase in your pulse there is a go
  13. Sometimes I steam my face for about 10 minutes before washing it. It actually works great for me, really gets my pores clean. But then I don't use any chemicals or take any medication for my skin. I also moisturize with oil. I would say it depends on the person and the products you use. In general steam does get dirt out of your skin. Especially if you sit in a steam room for a while and then right after take a shower and wash all the gunk that came out of you off. Best thing you can do is try