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  1. Sorry guys it's been a while, I'll post pics when I get home. But it's 475 for every scar on your face (just not forehead)
  2. @keving100 @beautifulambition So my first consultation with him was free because his staff was not getting back to me aftert trying to make an appointment twice. Thank god too, I think it's a little over 100 for a consult. As soon as he entered the room I kind of felt rushed, and he did not take a very close look at my scars. I assumed he did not need to because he can probably see any skin problem a mile away. but overall he was great at answering all my questions and concerns. He did recommend
  3. @keving100 Thanks! I really hope for some type of improvement. I'd honestly be very happy with only 20% improvement. I did buy those Chinese suction cups so I hope it works out well. I will look into derminator, Is that what you use? If so how's your results? I went to Dr. William Ting in San Ramon, CA
  4. I think Im just going out buy those Chinese suction cups. My question is how long do I leave the cup on my scars per suction?
  5. I know you weren't, but you did give me great options. My dermatologist actually suggested microdeedling as well. I am not doing the suction yet actually (I wish I could). I think I'm going to do it on my 2nd sub when I have more days off work. I just wanted to see how my skin would react because I need to go back to work in 2 days. Yes I will definetly keep updating you guys with the progress.
  6. Hey beautifulambition, thanks for the response. I already had the subsiscion scheduled and I took everything you said into consideration. I just became kind of traumatized by lasers and chemical peels that made my skin worse. But I'm sure it's only because I used to go to a dermatologist who did not have my best interest at heart. (Said a cool touch laser would take care of my scars, ended up giving me burns and more scars) and you were right about my veins behind some of my scars, I thought it
  7. Hello I'm a long time reader and first time poster. I have a chance to book a subscion with a very experienced dermatologist who has done many procedures. Do you guys think I would benefit from subscion based on my pics? And do I have a combination of rolling and boxcar scars? I ask because I read that boxcar scars don't get much improvement from this procedure. Thanks! BEFORE: LEFT SIDE RIGHT SIDE AFTER SUBSISCION: DAY 2 So far the needle points are healing well. I