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  1. I'm getting a facial next week where they'll be assessing my face and doing extractions. I have these under the skin bumps only on my right cheek along my cheekbone towards my nose, they don't go up to my temple or down to my chin, they're just in that area. So I'm thinking this isn't hormonal or anything, so once I get the facial I'm hoping it'll get rid of them for good. I also don't have any acne anywhere else on my face, my face is clear except for that one area. I'm sick of seeing all th
  2. Sonesful

    What to use on closed comedones?

    So 1 week after I used the BP medication and the redness is gone and my face has returned to being smooth to the touch and flat I no longer put anything on my face including the AHA and BP and have returned to normal skin care routine of simply exfoliating with a warming cleanser with beads followed up with a water based cleanser every morning and night. There are still marks where the comedones used to be but they just look like scabs which should fade away with time. I know people like to s
  3. Sonesful

    What to use on closed comedones?

    So as of today (2 days after) I've stopped using the BP 5% because the comedones are completely gone. There are these dry scabs where the spots used to be which I plan on using AHA on to help them fade faster. Before using the BP I did use the BHA for a week beforehand but I don't think it did much. And I used the AHA on the day before I started the BP which also didn't do much, but I'm also very impatient which is why I kept swapping medications lol.
  4. Sonesful

    What to use on closed comedones?

    I would say so yes last I looked they were just red patches but they were smooooth. and yes it was a bp 5% gel/cream thing, it was white. Also that stuff is strooong. It stung a bit but I guess because it was so strong it really got down into those bumps.
  5. Sonesful

    What to use on closed comedones?

    One I picked at turned into that nasty pimple and another one was just dry skin while another had a tinyyyy bit of white stuff in it. Maybe they weren't ALL closed comedomes?
  6. Sonesful

    What to use on closed comedones?

    HOLY CRAP GUYS!!! Um, I think I've found the right treatment because the BP has somehow managed to pretty much flatten my comedones after 1 day wtffff. Like all I see now are these red patches where they used to be so I don't know what to say except: Comodomes? BP 5%. Use it. Now that I think of it maybe they werent comedomes since I keep hearing they're DIFFICULT to get rid of but the small colorless bumps on my face are FINALLY gone. Even when I shine light on my face at that awful angle
  7. I currently have Paula's Choice BHA 2%, Paula's Choice AHA 5% and a Benzoyl Peroxide Gel 5%. The comedones are mainly on my cheeks where one has inflamed and become a nasty pimple. What product or combination of products should I use to get rid of the comedones asap? I'm not really after the long term because I'm pretty sure they're only there because that's the side of my face I always sleep on hence why they are only on one cheek (have been changing pillowcases every 3 days as a result). Curre