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    Traveling, Fashion....oh and Paris. I'm expensive, I'm spoiled...and I know it..ha ha! <br /><br />Current Brands: MAC makeup, Coach, Chanel, and Dior....with room for any new suggestions.
  1. So I have been using Clinique for about a week now (instead of MAC SFF) and so far my skin is looking a lot better....which is good but sad for my relationship with MAC SFF. OH well! I am still using the MAC Powder foundation on top at various times during the day to keep my coverage looking fresh. I am really interested in these mineral foundations/products that everyone recommends since they are supposed to be so great for your skin. I still want good coverage though and even in the threads
  2. Yeah picking out makeup online can be tricky. If you do order, get the free samples first. That way you can try several shades & also just see if you like it. Each sample jar lasts around 2 weeks or so, so you can get an idea of how it works for you.
  3. So I tried the strobe cream and although I think it did make the Studio Fix look a bit more natural...I absolutely hate the smell! I could smell it on my skin for hours afterwards and I really don't think I used too much. Oh well, I'll try again tomorrow using less...
  4. Thanks a bunch. I have seen you mention the MAC concealer several times so its definitely on my list to buy this weekend. What type of Olay moisturizer? Anything to get rid of these lines...!
  5. Thanks everyone for the feedback, you all are great. I will look into it more this weekend. My only issue is I'm not really big on having to order stuff online, I would rather go to the store and buy it. But! if its as good as you all say it might be worth it.
  6. Would this work for under eye wrinkles as well? I read somewhere (maybe on this site?) that sometimes make up can dry out your under eyes and cause wrinkles that aren't really wrinkles. Can anyone recommend a product to moisturize your under eyes? I have been using Clinique all about eyes which is great for puffy and dark eyes, but I don't think it does anything for lines/wrinkles.
  7. Wow really? What type of moisturizer do you use RUSH? Or is this where you use the Strobe Cream?