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  2. well thats definately something microdermaabrasion is for but it also depends on how old and deep etc. But it will definately it either get rid most of it or all of it. What MDA is, its the removal of the top layer of your skin so you pretty much get a new layer to grow over it. I did it once and had immediate results and your skin looks good. Also unlike many other procedures it doesnt hurt at all. The whole procedure is very relaxing but also quite expensive depending on where you go well g
  3. People find it amusing so here
  4. To add to that she lip syncs every show that show she plays.
  5. Well for me after every time I shower or wash my face I need to moisturize or it will get dry and flaky. So maybe since you just got out of the pool and moisturizing isn't an option that's why. As for the soft skin goes, i've definately had that. Pools and water in general do that. If you go swim in the ocean for a long period of time that will happen. Your skin will dry from the ocean like extra amount but I always salt water was really good for the face.