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  1. This is why you ASK for a nationality, not guess it.
  2. What are you talking about?

  3. Thanks for the birthday message. I've been busy doing things.

    I strongly suggest you quit this board. Last few times I saw your profile it had names of different drugs and wahtnot. That's the wrong way to approach the issue as I've been saying. This board and all these drugs will get you wound up in a cycle of looking for a cure. The truth is there is no remedy at all. Pers

  4. Hey Happy birthday! I havent seen you here in awhile. I hope you come back :(

  5. servant? hm.. i like the sound of that.

  6. Suicide? Yeah, go ahead and go for it. Tell us how that worked out. Oh, wait. Nevermind. Why bitch on a forum about it? If you want to kill yourself, do it, not post on the forum. If not then don't bring up suicide because it makes you one emo bitch. And to that christian faggot - go eat a dick xD
  7. Since when are pizzas bad for you? Quit eating candy and drinking sodas.
  8. Nah, Saudi Arabia is cool. x) I'm moving back to Texas soon though. :D

  9. I spend hours under a scalding hot water, exercise hard at least a few times a week and I am clear. Not due to all that though.
  10. That's cool :) I'm Pakistani but I grew up in Texas...I live in Saudi Arabis now though... :D

  11. Ancient people though thought the same of lightning, earthquakes, thunder, probably any diseases, fire and many other things. Now we're in the age when superstitions can be dropped. Don't revert us back to the stone age :) Humans couldn't do anything to the planted even if they really wanted to. If you're talking about big urban centers then I suppose you're right but its not as bad as everyone wants you to think.