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  1. it takes a few weeks for the oil to subside. during this period, i also breakout more (ie initial breakout). it was pretty sudden as well...didnt feel anything for a few weeks then boom my lips + skin were super dry and the oil stopped. to be honest, im not sure if it will work for you. im actually pretty sure that my body is adjusting to the dose and that i will need to take a higher dose to get bone dry skin. right now, i still do produce a little bit of oil, but i have no pimples, so im
  2. so i haven't posted in a while because my skin has been clear for the longest time thanks to accutane. i take an extremely low dose...only 10 mg every 3 days, yet it is enough to clear my mild/moderate acne. i started taking it september 2009 after failing with tons of creams, washes, and other prescriptions. within 4 weeks of taking it, my skin becomes clear. however, there are some downsides as well. ill try to outline the positives and negatives here: positives: -no acne if i maintain
  3. well retin-a gets rid of wrinkles, so i dont see why it wouldnt work on scars as well. as previously said, it can take up to a year to see results, though.
  4. Hey guys. I just started taking low dose (10 mg a day) Accutane on Friday to control my oil and get rid of small, persistent bumps, and I have some questions about the side effects. The definite side effects I am experiencing are: -Mild insomnia, restlessness. I can sleep, but it takes me longer, plus when I wake up I am always still tired, I have huge bags, and my eyes are basically always half open. -Kinda weird, but I actually do have a lower sex drive. I usually can't wait to masturbat
  5. what acne products and moisturizers do you use? sulfur products and any exfoliating product (salicylic acid, glycolic acid) ramped up my oil production. i have found that using a moisturizer enhances oiliness as well.
  6. why dont you dab real sebum on your skin instead of jojoba oil? just curious.
  7. haha wow this thread blew up. im sorry guys, but im not gonna put any more products on my face. everytime i use a new product it either 1) is crap, or 2) gives me acne. i just washed my face this morning with only water and it looks the best it has ever looked. the only downside is that i have some dry "splotches" where old acne scabs are healing...i might try some light manual exfoliation. the 64 oz of water seems to be helping. im exercising too everyday. im trying to get rid of my bacn
  8. Here's the deal. I don't get much acne on my face anymore, so I'm trying to turn into a normal guy now and not use any products on my face. I have found that moisturizer actually gives me more breakouts and makes my skin more "oily." When I say "oily" I don't mean actually oily, but rather my skin actually LEAKS out the moisturizer throughout the day, giving the appearance of extreme oiliness. Even more, moisturizers also make my skin look darker (I have brown skin). The thing is, I don't
  9. Hello. I haven't been on this site for a while because I have been busy with school and my acne is pretty mild now. So I found out that Singulair was one of the primary reasons for my acne for a few years...it had something to do with making my allergies even worse instead of making them better. Now it's been about four months since I've been off Singulair. The weird thing is...I have scars! I have little scars on my forehead and every new bump I get seems to leave a little tiny indent be
  10. wont work for everyone sorry. cerave cleanser is crap imo. makes my skin an oil slick. have done week trials on/off with and confirmed. washing once a day with my oily skin did reduce my oil a bit, but i ended up having a shitload of clogged pores and my face just looked so bad overall. i understand that youre trying to find the deeper root of the problem, ie skin composition and moisture, but its not that simple. its the products you use that determine how oily you are. for some weird a
  11. hello. so im pretty much clear now and i dont have to use any products to stay relatively stable. i was wondering, though, why my face is a few shades darker than the rest of my body? do acne products cause your face to get darker, or do you think the excess BP/SA made my skin more prone to tanning? also, does anyone know how oil can affect how your skin tans? the only thing different about my face is that its obviously much oilier than the rest of my body and that i used acne products befo
  12. Oh, so singulair is the cause of your acne e? I told ya, acne is either caused by what we eat or do. It's a signal of our skin that it reacts to something we eat or do. No scientific support yet, because this is something that companies, profiting from this problem, don't want to get exposed to for they will loose business for sure. I don't care about you anymore. You are arguing about something here that you yourself didn't experience. Perhaps it was singulair. i broke out this weekend, b
  13. wapak, youre an idiot. you tell us to do some "research," yet you have no links/articles to support your opinion. oh wait, you did post one earlier. guess where i got the "During the teen-age years, sebaceous glands increase sebum production, which may harden into a "comedo" and block the pore opening, causing the inflammation and infection that leads to acne. " quote from? your very own article supported MY opinion. thats a bit embarrassing, isnt it? you cannot and will not ever win this
  14. learn to read fobbie: "During the teen-age years, sebaceous glands increase sebum production, which may harden into a "comedo" and block the pore opening, causing the inflammation and infection that leads to acne. " happens naturally. good day.