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  1. Reading your signature, you probably got rid of your acne by just avoiding dairy, gluten has a small part in it too. Ibuprofen might speed up the results, but won't help on it's own. I got rid of acne by cutting out dairy and anything that contains milk in it completely. I still eat gluten stuff though, but in moderation.
  2. Read somewhere that men need to take 3-4 100mg capsules a day. Do I really need to take that many or is 1 pill enough? It would get a little pricy if I'd start taking that many, but if I'd have to...
  3. I stopped breathing and within minutes my acne was gone!! Oh wai-
  4. Another 'amazing cure' that I can't try on myself because the products aren't sold on this side of the big pond...Yes, Europe.
  5. I use their psyllium husk pills. My metabolism has gone faster, which means they're working, but it won't keep my face clear alone. I still need to be on a casein-free diet.
  6. You just need to find out what the root of your acne problem is and if it's in chocolate or any other food you eat and then eliminate it. For me, milk chocolate does break me out a bit, a large bar gives me usually 2 small poppable cysts. But that's because my cause of acne is that I'm allergic to milk protein (casein), I can eat dark chocolate without breaking out. So it's different for everyone. For example, nuts and oranges don't have any effect on me, while it does for many people. You're ju
  7. I would me more worried about eating the bread.
  8. I guess I'll experiment with it then by eating sandwiches for every morning. If it starts to break me out, I'll go with Glein's suggestion. Thanks
  9. Does normal butter break you out? I have casein allergy and I've kept away from everything that contains it (well I cheated two days ago, but I only got one cyst, it seems like my body recovers from the allergy and still allows me to eat some dairy products from time to time). I have no cysts and my skin looks good even with the redmarks. I'm wondering if eating butter could break me out. It's dairy, so it does contain casein, but I found this while googling: http://www.doctorvolpe.com/qa.html
  10. I never found the taste that bad and if you're only going to try something for 2 weeks and then give up then you've got a very long acne battle ahead of you and one you're probably not going to win. It worked for me. Took about 3 weeks until I was clear. Just so you know, the battle has been won already. And I hated the taste. If you liked it, well, whatever floats your boat...
  11. I drank it for 2 weeks twice a day. I drank 2tlbs(something a bit more even...) mixed with water. It was disgusting, but I kept drinking it. Then I started mixing it with apple juice to get the taste at least a bit better. At the end of 2 weeks I didn't see any changes at all, so I dropped it. I couldn't have kept drinking it even if it would've helped.
  12. I haven't gone through all the wall of text here, because I'd go blind if I'd read that much... But anyway, have you taken an allergy test for foods? I did and I found that I was allergic to this thing called casein, which can be found in so many fcking foods that it's ridiculous. The test showed that I had 'mild' allergy against it(It showed I am allergic to it, but it wasn't that high to cause any severe symptoms)...well mild my arse, that same thing causes my huge cysts. Whenever I eat a curd
  13. Honestly...what's the difference? Acne is acne. Whether it's mild, moderate or severe, it's still going to suck and cause you problems. Or do you sigh with relief when you head that it's moderate? Hah...yeah... And from that small blurry picture you linked, we can't even tell if you HAVE acne...
  14. I use fiber pills, but I use something else instead of OXY. I'm pretty much clear now.
  15. Take an allergy test and see and then try eliminating the foods that contain the things you're allergic to. Give it a few weeks, if you see results then you've found the thing that causes your acne. If not, then it could be some other food that's breaking you out.
  16. Whatever. I changed all of that too but guess what I still have acne. You probably had some zits and they went away. I have cystic acne and im here to tell you sleeping and eating right did nothing. My life is not stressful so I would have to DISAGREE with you. I agree with the guy who said that acne can be caused by certain foods that the person might be allergic to. The stress thing is bs though, stress won't cause acne, acne can cause stress however.... I developed cystic acne about h
  17. I was about suggest BFG's regimen until I read to the end. Just keep with it. You might(problably) break out a few times with it, but eventually, your skin should calm down and you're going to get your clear skin back. Just have some patience, try not to worry about your skin that much. I've seen people in my school with mild to moderate acne and they seem to get along with everyone. Stick with BFG's regimen and try to continue your life. Best of luck to you.
  18. The only thing I've been using from bfg's regimen are the pills...because that is the only thing I could get my hands on. Other than that I use some C&C wash every morning and night and 5% BP for nights(I never apply it on mornings). And while it's not exactly the same thing, it works. But my acne isn't as bitch as some of yours though, I've only had it since the mid of summer 2007, so almost half a year...compared to your years of suffery (still, it changed my views on acne, but also affect
  19. What's the exact product name and is it prescriptional? Although I'm doing good on this regimen and I don't have any cysts anymore (start of my 2nd week), just those deep whiteheads that are slowly coming up, I wouldn't mind speeding it all up and then maintaining it with this.