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  1. pretty much just wasnt sure if tane effects ur nails at all ?
  2. does anyone know if i can have acrylic nails whilst on accutane ? x
  3. i had my bloods dont on tuesday and im worried too ! fingers crossed should know tomo or friday
  4. do you just literally stop the day u start taking it then, fingers crossed should start tane on monday, i currently used bp in morning and differin at night. should i ween off or just stop after i pop that first pill ?
  5. [are you on differin cream or gel, stick with it im on week 15 and im just starting to see that i could be clear in another 4 weeks or so, im down to just getting spots on my chin really, one or two on my cheeks but i often pick and scratch my skin alot ! please please stick with it till at least 12 weeks
  6. hey ive got to week 9 now .... the giant spots are really dissapearing now and a few days ago my left chech was completely clear i now have one white head healing on it. my right check ive still got some deep spots coming out but i think two weeks time and they will be clear my nose is clear and chin has three spots on still got a few brown marks on face atm ... ive been using for 9 weeks now and my ski doesnt feel dry at all its like a babys bottom got to do another 7 more weeks befor
  7. Hey, Just so you know i dont see any consistency with differin either, its just making my skin so much worse ... the only benefits so far are the skin that i dont have spots on has a healthy glow to it. I had on week one a giant chin out break only to be followed on week two by one cheek break out followed on week three by other cheek and now week four my nose has broken out. ( i dont use on my forehead as its clear thanks to bp 5 and has been for 6 years) chin out break from week one has
  8. i didnt put BP on today and....... outbreak ! i recon by wed or thurs i will have had a pretty bad outbreak and skin is going looking bad umph
  9. its the .1% onyl thing i have notices is that if i get spots they kinda raise up in a white head pop in the shower and go down without there being any scabbing .... i thought today umm mmy skin looks better but it was just cos its not as red or dry as normal there are lots of spots under the skin . ive been putting on BP 5% in the morning because otherwise its so greasy which my derm told me not to do ! are you on any oral meds ? thanks for replying its nice to see what other people are goin
  10. hey i just started differin last night and like u i dont have any dryness and my face feels sticky all the time when my derm said it should feel tight !? Although ive had new spots already from using it but i was expecting that due to my period ... does your face feel dry at all yet from using it 10 days or so ? I ahve to use this for 6 weeks before i get roaccutane.
  11. heya .... please keep posting i think i have hormonal acne nd am planning on asking my derm for spiro at my first appointment on jan 6th ! i have had acne for tenyears aswell im 22 and i have really sensitive skin also... i had really good skin due to bp for years but ive been on mino cylcine for the last 3 yrs and it doesnt seem to be gettin that much better .... def has reduced about of cysts but not cleared me completely. ive got no spots on my forehead just on my cheeks and chin .... cyst a
  12. Hey sexybeast ! Ive been on minocylcine for about a week more than you and yes the initial break out is not nice it seems to get a lot worse that it was before you start taking mino ! from taking it last year i found i had a terrible first month and the second month was good and bad then third month significant improvement month 4-6 are almost completely clear then i stopped and i had a pretty good 4/5 clear months and im just gettin a repeat treatment now as i think i was about to get to a
  13. minocycline takes a while to work usuall about 3 months so be patient althouh i know with acne the word patience doesnt help i was on mino for a year and then came off it and got bad skin again but i am back on it again first month was bad 2nd month spots every other week i would say like a flare up adn then clean then flare up, anyway thurd month and its lookin better but i changed from panoxyl to quinoderm aswell wats dose are you on of mino ?
  14. hey im on mincylcine aswell i thought you had to keep taking it constantly though because you need to keep it in the blood stream, sure goin on and off it wont work its about keeping it regular ? i might be wrong though hope everything gets clearing for you hve you tried quinoderm ?
  15. i would jst continues taking the doxy untill you get lym cos it about keeping it in you blood stream im not a doc though but that would be my guess lol good luck !!