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  1. mod please delete this topic thanks
  2. Same thing happened to me , 6 months ago when i started eating healthy things .I Started breakfast cereal with so many healthy vitamins. Lemon juice daily and then my skin breaked out badly, and then i stopped eating these things and got lil bit clear. i was fool and made my acne worse with exfoliators ,harsh cleansers and moistrizers, they made my acne more inflamed and more prone to scaring. so i decided to stop using everything and give my skin time to heal. and after 1,2 months im left with
  3. Do over headlightning or see your face in flourscent overhead lightning .. if u see indented then its scar
  4. Hello I also have same problem and im 17 too. waiting for replies
  5. Great man.after watching these my hope boosted.thnx dude .love u man stay clear forever!