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  1. I haven't updated in awhile but I thought I would show some progress pictures half way through my second month. I would be just finishing my second month but I had to so blood work twice this month and it kind of screwed everything up and put me off schedule. The pictures are from February 5th o march 29th. i made extremely happy with my results so far and at my last derm appointment said I probably won't have to be on for the full time.
  2. i messed up the side by sides! The first one is left before and right after and the other two photos are after on the left and before on the right. I am really pleased with my results so far and the side effects truly have not been as bad as I had anticipated and so far feel lucky to be having such a good experience after hearing all the bad things about accutane. I have previous posts but just for context I am on 80 mg a day and had moderate persistent cystic acne and clogged pores for abo
  3. I'm on day 20 on 80mg of accutane a day! I had a little break out just the last two days where I got three red big pimples pop up on my chin, nose, and cheek bone. I'm guessing those are accutane caused because I don't ever get acne like these in hose places, usually around my jawline be the back sides of my cheeks and forehead. Ive also noticed that I have the most clogged pores in the areas I'm breaking out and all the clogged pores seem to be pushing to the surface, which is great! Also a
  4. You should go to the store and get hydrocortisone cream and apply that for a few days and that should help those bumps go away! I read that from a few people on other threads and also from a few YouTube videos where that's what people's dermatologist told them to do
  5. Hi there! I just started accutane at 80mg per day and just want to use this as a way to keep track of my progress and talk to other people who are taking accutane as well! Im on my 11th day so it hasn't been too long but I can definitely tell some differences so far even though I'm still not sure if I might purge yet. My oil is definitely decreased and my skin is starting to feel itchy and dry but not unbearable and so are my lips, but like I said, not unbearable. My scalp on the other hand