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    working on cars<br />practicing guitar<br />eating<br />drawing when I have time<br />bible study<br /><br />ase certified automotive mechanic for cadillac and mazda<br />working on mazda master certified course<br /><br />i love animals and have four snakes and a little rat terrier named ginger. she is eleven and adorable<br /><br />

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  1. itsmekeff

    Looking in the Mirror

    i remember when i didn't think anything of looking in a mirror. now i wish everyone were blind that way they couldn't see what i dread seeing everyday. and today i realized that my scars arent getting less noticeable but i have somehow developed a way to look in the mirror and immediately blur my eyes so my scars look less harsh. i never realized i was doing it. but it crushed me when i found out. cause they are just so horrible. and now i realize they aren't getting better, but i was trickin
  2. hey...thanks for all the support. im not really serious, just take serious pictures. i think i look like a chipmunk when I smile. :)

    1. Yeah sorry about having PMs disabled (if you even remember me!) Apparently I didn't validate my registration and was sort of in limbo. I am doing fine and I hope you are as well.

      1. Hola!!!! I always try to see if you are on to chat, but I never can catch you. we'll talk soon tho. hope all is well!!!

        1. Keff! I miss you, girl! I hope things are going well for you.

          1. tried to send you a pm, but it said you had it disabled. but hope your doing ok. talk to you later.

            1. i would love to answer your previous question, and although it sounded different and fun, I have no idea what you said to me. :)

              1. I'm grooving along ok cheers. How's tricks with you?

                1. yeah, I did. i guess I randomly say hola to individuals. how are things?

                  1. Thanks for hola-ing, be good or be bad, no-ones keeping score!

                    1. itsmekeff

                      Has anyone heard of Sciton?

                      the doctor I spoke with, I would agree, is behind. i've already looked a lot into fraxel, so I asked one plastic surgeon if he perfomed that procedure and he told me that he doesn't do fraxel, but something similar and better, called sciton. this is why I assumed it was non ablative. but from what I gather, sciton seems more like a co2 laser resurfacing as it smoothes the skin by taking layers off, instead of something that is like fraxel which damages the tissue under the skin to start colla
                    2. itsmekeff

                      Has anyone heard of Sciton?

                      i acutally got the sciton laser done. i didn't find it improved my scars that much. but the sciton did lighten up my skin which i didn't like at all. i went back to my derm and he said there is a new laser the sciton profractional laser that helps. I'm looking it on the internet before i decide to try this laser. I'm not sure but i saw some pics that showed some good results. I hope this helps u
                    3. itsmekeff

                      is bald beautiful?

                      I think both is great on the right person. the only thing I hate is when a guy starts losing his hair and he only has hair on either side of his head. then he lets it grow out and he looks like bozo the clown. I hate that. thats when I think its time to start shaving the head. or cut the side hair really short. if my husband goes thru that stage at one point and he has hair on either side of his head but not on top, I am going to dye his hair bright red while he is sleeping. #1 so he'll